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Granada-Melilla Flights

By Vivienne Hughes

Air Nostrum has put tickets up for sale for the routes connecting Melilla to Granada, Almería and Sevilla. »

Why aren’t the Ski Slopes Open?

By Martin Myall

That is a question that many people in Granada are asking as they look up and see the Sierra Nevada completely snow covered. »

Man Beat Child with Bat

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional are looking for a man who had allegedly beaten a 2-year-old with a baseball bat in Sevilla. »

Popular Names in Andalusia

By Hugh MacArthur

What were the most popular names being given to children in Andalusia during 2017? The answer is María and Pablo. »

Official Credit Cards & Brothels

By Hugh MacArthur

The ex-Head of Employment Training Courses for the Junta de Andalucia, Fernando Villen, racked up 15,000 euros in one night in a brothel, using his official credit card. »

Hammock Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman in her home in Carmona (Sevilla) died when a ventilation conduit fell on her head and killed her. The 40-year-old woman had decided to sling a hammock from the metal structure... »

Fireball over Málaga

By Hugh MacArthur

At exactly 03.48h Monday morning, a fireball streaked across the Andalusian sky, whose entry was registered by the Hita Observatory (Toledo). »

An Absurd Trial

By Vivienne Hughes

It's finally over, the three firemen from Sevilla who had been accused of people smuggling in Greece were acquitted — a happy ending to a nightmare. »

Guardia’s Body Found

By Vivienne Hughes

The body of the Guardia Civil policeman who had been swept away trying to rescue people from a river in Sevilla on the 17th was finally found. »

MPs Reject Pay Cut Motion

By Hugh MacArthur

(COE27) The left-wing opposition party Podemos in the Regional Government proposed that MPs took a cut in their salary - it was unanimously reject by other parties. »

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