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Boy Left in Car While Dad Parties

By Vivienne Hughes

(COE08) Around mid-November a 40-year-old father was arrested for leaving his 4-year-old son in a car for hours whilst he was in a swingers bar, allegedly drunk. »

Grieving Parents Walk out

By Martin Myall

(AXL) The death of a young mother in a hospital lift in Sevilla is now being debated in the Regional Government; how it happened and why it happened, which is not the same, of course. »

English Teacher Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

Police in Valladolid have arrested an English teacher of British nationality for having stored on his computer and distributed child pornography via internet. »

Eternal Car Repairs

By Martin Myall

So you reckon that your car mechanic takes his time - two weeks without the car, waiting for a spare part; it's hell, but spare a thought for José Cortés. »

Taxi Drivers vs. Chauffers

By Martin Myall

The growing rumble of war drums between taxi drivers and chauffer companies, such as Cabify, has seemingly erupted into an arson attack on several parked cars belonging to the latter. »

Semana Santa Stampede

By Vivienne Hughes

It is testimony to how jumpy the Spanish general public is over terrorists attacks that panic broke out during a Semana Santa procession in Sevilla resulting in injuries. »

Guardia Policemen Arrested

By Vivienne Hughes

An anti-drugs operation in the province of Sevilla saw the arrest of four policeman from the same Guardia Civil post, situated in the town of Isla Mayor. »

Tow Truck Boob

By Vivienne Hughes

The Town Hall of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) has agreed to pay out 6,711 euros to an officer of the Policia Nacional for damaging his car. »

Stabbed Aunt Over Pet Death

By Martin Myall

A 27-year-old man confessed before a jury that he had stabbed his aunt more than 40 times over the death of his dog, which had been put down by a vet. »

Endesa Fined 400,000 Euros

By Hugh MacArthur

The utilities company, Endesa, has been fined by the Junta 400,000 euros for having abusive clauses in their meter contracts and charges for non-existent services. »