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Vélez Benaudalla Mourns

By Martin Myall

The town of Vélez Benaudalla has lost one of its sons in a road accident in India yesterday: 31-year-old Francisco Pedrosa Gijón. »

Taramay Road Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

There was a head-on road accident on the N-340 in Taramay yesterday morning, between the Camping Carambola and the Taramay Industrial Estate. »

Drunk Driver Kills Cyclist

By Hugh MacArthur

A French tourist allegedly hit a cyclist in Mallorca last night, Wednesday the 14th, resulting in his death at the scene of the collision. »

Frenchman Causes Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

A top Catalan official has confirmed that the French driver that caused a road accident near Pont de Molins (Gerona), had lost his licence last December for drink driving. »

Jete Road Accident

By Martin Myall

Two cars were involved in a head-on collision on the Otivar road, just along from the Virgen de las Aguas below Jete. »

Pregnant Woman Knocked Down

By Vivienne Hughes

The Barcelona city police have tracked down a driver who hit a pregnant woman on a zebra crossing and then abandoned his car and made off on foot. »

Car Plunges off N-340

By Vivienne Hughes

A car left the main road and crashed down the Barranco de Enmedio, which is the bridge just before Urb. Alfa Mar coming from Taramay. »

Spilt Oil Causes Accidents

By Hugh MacArthur

Two accidents were the result of spilt oil on the road surface at the bottom end of Calle Guadix in Almuñécar, where it meets San Cristóbal, as well as further up the street. »

Slow Justice

By Vivienne Hughes

A 64-year-old man has been waiting for eleven years for the law courts to award him compensation from a road accident. »

Elderly Foreign Driver Rescued by Firemen

By Paula Anthony

Firemen rescued a foreign man in his 70's from a car wreck after it left the road and fell 40 metres down an embankment. The car's further descent was stopped by a tree. »

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