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Opposition To Pylon Invasion

By Martin Myall

The question is whether the local opposition to the overhead, HT-line project that criss-cross Valle de Lecrín is justified or not. »

Almuñécar Market Muddle

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar, municipal-market affair festers on, with the governing party trying to sell its project as a positive move with nobody else buying it. »

Protests over Imam Deportation

By Vivienne Hughes

The Muslim community of La Rábita have been protesting over what they consider as the unfair arrest and expulsion of the local Imam. »

Mayor Responds to Criticism

By Hugh MacArthur

The tug-o-war match between the Salobreña Town Hall and the Policía Local has been around at least a decade, no matter who the Mayor is. »

Salobreña Police Disgruntled

By Hugh MacArthur

There has long been a problem between the Salobreña Policia Local and whoever is in power; be it the PP or be it the PSOE. The police are not happy bunnies. »

Mercadona Protest Cancelled

By Vivienne Hughes

According to a post on Facebook, the protest called for 09.00h this morning in front of the Mercadona P4 shop has been cancelled as both sides have reached an accord. »

Almuñecar Mercadona Rebellion

By Vivienne Hughes

There are many miffed people in Almuñécar after the firing of a very popular Mercadona worker at the P4 branch of the supermarket chain. »

Herradura Anti-Chiringuito Protest

By Hugh MacArthur

So far, over 300 signatures have been collected in La Herradura against the building of a new Chiringuito. The structure is going up in front of the Urbanización Castillo. »

Motril vs Immigrants Centre

By Vivienne Hughes

The centre of Motril was filled with protestors on the 25th against plans to convert the old airbase into an immigrant holding centre. »

Motril Hospital Shortages

By Editor

The Medical Staff Union at Motril area hospital has denounced a "grave shortage of staff," describing the situation as worse than ever. »

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