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Insufficient Medical Staff

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril branch of the Partido Popular is asking for more summer personnel for the public-health services on the Costa Tropical, especially Calahonda and Carchuna. »

Menu del Dia: Political Corruption

By Martin Myall

There is a tremendous battle going on between the judicial power and the Government over the investigations and persecution of the omnipresent corruption in the Body Political. »

Reduced Blue Zoning

By Hugh MacArthur

The Salobreña branch of the Partido Popular (PP) are not happy with the governing party over the latest changes to the Blue Zone arrangement in town. »

No IBI Drop for Almuñécar

By Vivienne Hughes

There has been a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in Almuñécar where it was proposed that the IBI tax be dropped to 0.90% from the present 1.0% - it was rejected. »

Cortijo Rubbish Protest

By Martin Myall

Some 250 people demonstrated outside the Motril town-hall building on Tuesday the 15th over the new cortijo rubbish-collection tax. »

Election Rerun

By Martin Myall

It appears to be inevitable; the King is set to give the go ahead for the dissolution of the Parliament on the 2nd of May for the General Election to be held on June the 26th. »

Elections Uncertainty

By Martin Myall

In these recent General Elections, the four main parties got what they wanted, but not enough of it to be any good. The PP won, but not by far enough, and PSOE didn't implode. »

Cataluña Counts

By Martin Myall

You might ask what the Catalan elections have to do with the Costa Tropical; the answer is that what happened there affects the whole of Spain. »

Junta Defends Infoca

By Martin Myall

The Provincial Delegate for Granada in the Regional Government, Sandra García, responded to accusations made by the Mayor of Lújar and other PP politicians. »

Motril Offended by Lújar Mayor

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Lújar's comments about the alleged tardiness of the Motril Fire Service during the fire received strong criticism from Motril. »