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Controversial Port Arrival

By Hugh MacArthur

A ship carrying armament will be docking at Motril Port and it seems that some are not happy about this pending arrival. »

A Panda of Pandas

By Martin Myall

The Panda Raid 2018 rolled into Motril port on Saturday and caught the ferry for Nador... What is the Panda Raid? A horde of Fiat/Seat Pandas! »

Ombudsman Closes Installations

By Martin Myall

The National Ombudsman paid a surprise visit to the temporary immigrant holding centre in Motril port on the 8th... and called for its closure. »

Knocking at the Door

By Martin Myall

Here are the 2017 figures for the arrival of illegal immigrants along our coast. Even as January 2018 closes, the figure continues to rise. »

An Aircraft-Carrier Visit

By Hugh MacArthur

Spain's naval pride and joy, the Juan Carlos I Aircraft Carrier, will pay a visit to Motril Port in May, announced the Mayor of Motril. »

Galleon Visit Success

By Hugh MacArthur

The 4-day galleon visit to Motril attracted 5,300 visitors, amongst them 300 schoolchildren, with the last day, Sunday, being the day with the most visitors. »


By Martin Myall

(HMI04) Have you ever seen a galleon? Well, now is your chance because El Galeón Andalucía will remain docked at Motril port from 30/11 to 03/12. »

Port Lorry Park Closer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Motril, Flor Almón, went to Sevilla for a meeting with the Junta’s Ministry of Public Works concerning the proposed Industrial Estate behind Motril Port. »

Busy Saturday at Sea

By Vivienne Hughes

Last Saturday saw the interception of six craft carrying illegal immigrants, giving a total of over 180 people rescued in one day. »

Ferry Stowaway Death

By Hugh MacArthur

A North African man died in the early hours of Thursday the 26th whilst trying to stowaway beneath a lorry that was bording in a ferry in Melilla destined for Motril Port. »

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