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Largest Sailing Ship Arrives

By Martin Myall

For those of you that missed the aircraft carrier at Motril Port, you now have the chance of seeing a magestic sailing ship, The Royal Clipper. »

Aircraft Carrier Visit

By Martin Myall

The largest ship in the Spanish Navy, the Juan Carlos I aircraft carrier, will dock this Friday the 12th, as planned. »

Tanks Occupy Motril Port

By Martin Myall

(DLC 12) The Spanish Army is stuffing Motril Port with tanks and support vehicles, which are all going to be shipped off to Norway for a NATO exercise. »

Call for Motril Port Rail Link

By Vivienne Hughes

The Prime Minister of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has called for a rail connection for Motril Port. »

Tent City Woes

By Hugh MacArthur

Placing 13 tents, capable of housing 20 people each, on a large expanse of concrete without drainage was not a good idea. »

Burst Sewer Pipe

By Hugh MacArthur

The rains yesterday, with more expected today, affected Motril on two fronts: the works on Calle Ancha and down in the immigrant tent site in the port. »

Motril Receives Large Migrant Arrival

By David Darby

A tragic day yesterday when, at around midnight, the rescue boat Polimnia arrived at Motril port with 102 migrants, along with the bodies of four men and one woman. »

Dutchman Arrested Motril Port

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional at Motril port arrested a Dutchman fleeing from justice in the Netherlands in connection with drugs charges. »

Man Wanted in Holland Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

A Moroccan, who had a European-Arrest Warrant against him issued by the Netherlands, was arrested by the Policía Nacional in Motril. »

Policeman Catches Scabies

By Editor

There has been consternation and indignation after a policeman working with new arrivals in Motril Port became infected with scabies and passed it on to his family. »

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