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Port Lorry Park Closer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Motril, Flor Almón, went to Sevilla for a meeting with the Junta’s Ministry of Public Works concerning the proposed Industrial Estate behind Motril Port. »

Busy Saturday at Sea

By Vivienne Hughes

Last Saturday saw the interception of six craft carrying illegal immigrants, giving a total of over 180 people rescued in one day. »

Ferry Stowaway Death

By Hugh MacArthur

A North African man died in the early hours of Thursday the 26th whilst trying to stowaway beneath a lorry that was bording in a ferry in Melilla destined for Motril Port. »

MV Cheshire Cargo Not Dangerous

By Vivienne Hughes

(BVI) The Board of Merchant Shipping belonging to the Central Government has guaranteed that the cargo on MV Cheshire poses no threat to dock handlers nor the environment in general. »

Damaged Ship Heads for Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

(MNG) The British cargo ship, MV Cheshire, which suffered a fire in its cargo hold containing fertilizer on the 12th of August off the Canary islands, will be arriving in Motril. »

Child Migrants Arrive in Motril

By David Darby

(ALI) The latest group of sub-Saharan migrants, numbering 33, arrived in Motril at 20.00h last Wednesday. Of these, four have declared themselves as minors, including a young girl. »

Noisy Ferry Solution

By Martin Myall

Ferries are noisy, but out at sea nobody notices, yet tied up at the dock in the early hours, people notice, especially the ones trying to sleep. »

Port’s WIFI Coverage

By Vivienne Hughes

According to the Chairman of the Port Authority, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, Motril Port has the largest, free WIFI area in the whole of the province. »

Nowhere to put Them

By Hugh MacArthur

The 92 immigrants that reached the coast off Motril on Saturday the 17th have had the good luck of finding the holding centres full - they are to go free. »

Successful Naval Visit

By Hugh MacArthur

A total of 8,000 people turned up at Motril Port to see the seven docked warships belonging to the Spanish Navy. »