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Mountain Park Claims

By Vivienne Hughes

The mountain park, Peña Escrita, in Almuñécar, still has quite a few wild animals looking for a home, but some will never see the day - they have already died. »

Mountain Park Transfers

By Vivienne Hughes

After a year of bargaining between the Almuñécar Town Hall on the one hand, and the regional authorities and FAADA, on the other, homes have been found for animals at the mountain park. »

New Role for Peña Escrita

By Martin Myall

The present Town Council in Almuñécar has been working diligently at whittling down the number of wild animals up in the Peña Escrita mountain park by finding new homes for them. »

Almuñécar 2016 Budget

By Martin Myall

The Town Council is going to dedicate most of the extra cash obtained from the 10% rise in municipal property tax to pay off municipal debt. »

Bengal Tiger Dies in Peña Escrita

By Martin Myall

It would appear that one of the several Bengal Tigers in captivity up in the Peña Escrita mountain park has died. »

Peña Escrita Mountain Park up for Lease

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar Town Hall has put the Peña Escrita mountain-park complex up for lease bidding. Conditions include the facility maintenance and security. »

Councillor Responds to Peña Escrita Accusations

By Martin Myall

We had a chance to speak with Luis Aragón, Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment and person responsible for the Peña Escrita mountain park. »

Animal Deaths up at Peña Escrita?

By Martin Myall

According to CANDA, an Almuñécar youth organisation with alleged connections to a political party, animals are dying at Peña Escrita mountain park. »

Peña Escrita Mountain Park Race

By Anne Eastwood

Just when you thought it was time to relax into the summer rhythm, along comes another major sporting event this Sunday 15th June, in our own coastal oasis! »

More ‘Inmates’ for Peña Escrita

By Martin Myall

Following on the heels of the news that Almuñécar would be ceding large, hungry beasts to Córdoba zoo, new, smaller creatures have taken their place. »

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