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Alpujarra Forest Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a mountain fire in the Panderón de Mecina area of the Alpujarras which consumed around 18,000 sq/m of woodland. »

Mechanic Crushed by Engine

By Vivienne Hughes

A mechanic died after the engine of a lorry that he was working on fell onto him, crushing him. The accident occurred yesterday in Órgiva where the 55-year-old victim has his garage. »

The ANA Hot Winter Show

By Louise Powell

The Artists’ Network Alpujarra's latest exhibition will feature 35 artists and will be held in Órgiva from the 17th of this month. Amongst the participating artists there are some old favourites, as well as some new faces. »

No Mail Today

By Hugh MacArthur

On the 1st of October Correos announced that they would no longer be delivering to the Orgiva dependency of Las Barreras - *Gasp!* »

Brit Caught Growing Cannabis

By Martin Myall

A young British man has been arrested in Cañar after a plantation of 2,436 cannabis plants were discovered on land managed by him. »

New Guardia Post for Órgiva

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil presence in Órgiva will stay, after all; something that will make more than a few people sleep more soundly now that any doubt has been laid to rest. »

Fatal Stabbing in Órgiva

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil arrested a man in connection with a stabbing within the municipal dependency of Las Barreras, belonging to Órgiva. »

Two Brothers & A Sawn-Off

By Martin Myall

The Green Meanies A.K.A The Guardia Civil, arrested two brothers in Órgiva for the illegal possession of firearms. »

Durcal, Órgiva Salobreña Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

Fifteen people were arrested after being netted in the police anti-drugs-&-money-laundering operation, Cartusian, one of whom was from Salobreña. »

The Violet Revolution

By Martin Myall

The turn out for the International Women's Day in Spain was overwhelming, leaving the rest of the Western World amazed. »

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