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City Score 7 at Órgiva

By David Darby

(DEL) With the three points from El Clasico finally being awarded to CDAC, they kicked off the game knowing they had a three point advantage over second place Puntalon, who went on to beat Arenas de Armilla 3-2 with a last minute winner. »

Double Choir Concert Dates

By Anne Eastwood

Entre dos Aguas is the title that’s been given to two special choir concerts; the first on the 27th of this month in Órgiva and the second, the following day, in Almuñécar on the 28th. »

Choir Dates

By Anne Eastwood

Entre dos Aguas is the title that’s been given to a special concert that will combine the talents of both the Choir of the City of Almuñécar and the German Choir, O de Cologne, as directed by Thomas Wutke. »

Conmen Strike in Orgiva

By Hugh MacArthur

The police in Órgiva (Alpujarra) have arrested three men, aged between 30 and 48 years of age, two of whom were gasmen for stealing a large sum of cash from an elderly man. »

Brit Toddler Dies in Orgiva

By Vivienne Hughes

A 4-year-old British child died in Órgiva after falling into an open water deposit (alberca) in an area of the municipality known as Los Cigarrones yesterday, the 19th. »

Foreigners Caught with Drugs

By Vivienne Hughes

A Dutchman and a British man were arrested in Órgiva by the Guardia Civil for allegedly trafficking in drugs. »

Missing German Teen Found

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil in Granada found a 15-year-old German girl who had gone missing from a home for minors in Gauting, (Bavaria) in July. »

November PDF Download

By Martin Myall

The November edition of the Seaside Gazette is now available for downloading, as always for the symbollic price of one euro. »

Orgiva Mayor in Court

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Órgiva, María Ángeles Blanco, says that she believes in the Justice System and that soon she will be cleared of any misdoings accusations. »

Mule Starved to Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A man from Órgiva has been charged with letting a mule die from thirst and hunger as a result of having left it locked up for two months in an abandoned cortijo »