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Immigrants Land in La Herradura

By Editor

An open boat landed on La Herradura beach yesterday around 11.30h carrying immigrants from North Africa. »

Apartment Block Fire in Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

A 4-storey apartment block in Motril had to be evacuated in the early hours of yesterday after a fire broke out in one of the flats. »

Saved by Whatsapp

By Hugh MacArthur

The provincial law courts in Granada have sentenced a woman to returning all that her boyfriend spent on her during their relationship. »

Eye Ripped out in Fight

By Hugh MacArthur

A 51-year-old man was hospitalised in Granada (Traumatología) after receiving a brutal beating in Montejícar (Northern Granada). »

To Boldly Go…

By Martin Myall

Some people with four whisky-colas in them and something shiny to climb seem to think that they are Sir Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay! »

Almuñécar Medieval Market

By Martin Myall

The Medieval Market on the Paseo de San Cristóbal in Almuñécar is up and running and will be until Sunday midday. »

Almuñécar Xmas Market

By Louise Powell

If you've done the Medieval Market on the Paseo de San Cristóbal and wondering what else to visit, then shoot up to the Town Hall Square for the Xmas Market! »

Mechanic Crushed by Engine

By Vivienne Hughes

A mechanic died after the engine of a lorry that he was working on fell onto him, crushing him. The accident occurred yesterday in Órgiva where the 55-year-old victim has his garage. »

Singing the Christ back into Christmas

By Anne Eastwood

Well it’s that 'Ho, ho, ho’ season again and you may be wondering, why all the fuss, why all the stress, what’s the point and why do we put ourselves through this year after year? »

AxSí Shows The Way

By Martin Myall

It's nice to see that a political party makes the effort to remove all the election posters, etc, the day after election day. »

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