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Hands Off Rules Water!

By Hugh MacArthur

Although the distribution system for the Rules Reservoir doesn't exist yet, every once in a while rumours begin about the water going to Almería. »

Man Has Heart Attack on Street

By Vivienne Hughes

A 63-year-old man fell down dead on Calle Mercado Alto in the centre of Motril, on Saturday the 16th around 12.30h. »

Another Fire in Salobreña

By Editor

There was a house fire in the early hours of this morning in Salobreña on Calle Juan XXIII, which caused three families to be evacuated. »

Motril Chiringuito Repossessed

By Hugh MacArthur

Chiringuito Oleaje on Playa Granada in Motril was built on publicly owned land; a plot of some 1,300 sq/m after the land was leased to private hands in 2011. »

Motril Warehouse Blaze

By Vivienne Hughes

Early yesterday morning a fire was reported in a warehouse belonging to a company, specialising in clearing blocked drains. »

Stranded Russian Ship Update

By Hugh MacArthur

Readers will remember that we ran an article in September on a Russian ship in Motril Port, whose owners had gone bust. »

In Memory of the Slain

By Hugh MacArthur

Living in Spain you get to see a whole array of flags, from the Spanish one, the regional one and even the municipal one, but there is one more... »

Car Chase Ends in Police Prang

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a car chase over a distance of 70 km along the Costa Tropical which ended with the police car coming to greif in Motril. »

Children Kidnapped by Father

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional intercepted a father who was trying to take his children, both toddlers, out of the country illegally. »

Port Anger over Staff Shortage

By Hugh MacArthur

Seven Moroccan lorries carrying fruit & veg were held up at Motril Port over a whole weekend owing to a lack of customs staff. »

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