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Ombudsman Closes Installations

By Martin Myall

The National Ombudsman paid a surprise visit to the temporary immigrant holding centre in Motril port on the 8th... and called for its closure. »

Motril Residents Netted

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional smashed an illegal, medicine trade via Internet, confiscating half a million pills and arresting 25 people, two of whom live in Motril. »

Double Concert Treat

By Louise Powell

Juventudes Musicales has two concerts planned for this weekend; one in Motril and one in Almuñécar. »

New Motril Stock Fair

By Vivienne Hughes

Motril will be holding its third Stock Fair from the 19th to the 28th of February, from 10.00h to 13.30h and 18.00h to 21.00h (Saturday mornings only). »

Motril Port in Berlin

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril Port took part in the latest Fruit Logística fair in Berlín in support of the companies operating out of the port. »

Tarmacking Motril Outskirts

By Hugh MacArthur

If you live in or near the Pago San Jose area in Motril you will be pleased by the tarmacking work going on on its access lane. »

International Brigade Film

By Martin Myall

We have done several articles on the Desbandá in 1937, either on commemorations held in the province or photo exhibitions - today there is a film. »

Ecologists Denounce Tree Felling

By Vivienne Hughes

The ecologist party EQUO in Motril has denounced what they consider to be the indescriminate chopping down of trees on Calle Nueva. And apparently, they are not alone in this. »

Stolen Mini-Digger Recovered

By Hugh MacArthur

(TVI10) Two men aged 47 and 62 were arrested in Salobreña in connection with a stolen mini-digger that had disappeared in Motril. »

Motril Local Taxes Due

By Hugh MacArthur

(COE19) The Motril Councillor for the Economy and Taxes has reminded local taxpayers that they are due from the 1st of February. »

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