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Motril Bus Station Vandalised

By Vivienne Hughes

Last weekend saw acts of vandalism being carried out in Motril's new bus station. »

Motril Burger King Opens

By Hugh MacArthur

The fast-food outlet, Burger King , which is next to Al Campo in Motril, will reopen this week - it had opened briefly for two days before closing again. »

Talking about Death

By Acompalia

Come and join Acompalia’s informative talk on June 14th from 10:30 in Palacio Ruiz de Castro – Centro de arte Hernández Quero, Calle Ruiz, 6, Motril. »

Already Too Many But More Come

By Hugh MacArthur

Motril has had to open up a public building to house the illegal-immigrant overspill - the port facilities cannot keep them there after 72 hours. »

Air Show Access Advice

By Vivienne Hughes

The Councillor for Citizen Safety, María Ángeles Escámez, has advised on the logical traffic difficulties that the Motril Air Show will bring about. »

Motril’s Bulletproof Police

By Martin Myall

The Policia Local in Motril now have bullet-proof vests, which will not only protect them against firearms but also knife attacks. »

Stolen Bikes Seized

By Hugh MacArthur

Another attempt at smuggling stolen vehicles over to North Africa was thwarted at Motril Port on the 4th of June. »

New Beach Completion Deadline

By Vivienne Hughes

(DCU 05) Motril's beach regeneration work has been highly controversial, especially around Playa El Cable, where the scooped out sand has formed a lagoon. »

Equo’s Underwater Protest

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH 08B) Coinciding with the World Environment Day, members of the ecologist group carried out an underwater protest concerning the health of our seabeds. »

Motril Beach Protests

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH 07B) The Motrileños are angry because summer is just around the corner and the storm damage in May to its beaches is still causing problems. »

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