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Post San Juan Clean Ups

By Hugh MacArthur

Cleaning crews in Almuñécar picked up a total of 25 tonnes of rubbish from its beaches: Puerta del Mar, Fuente Piedra, and Cristóbal saw the greatest concentrations. »

San Juan in Motril

By Martin Myall

Tonight’s the big night and Motril is going to be no exception; plenty of acivities, as well as the traditional beach bonfires etc. »

Nowhere to put Them

By Hugh MacArthur

The 92 immigrants that reached the coast off Motril on Saturday the 17th have had the good luck of finding the holding centres full - they are to go free. »

Successful Naval Visit

By Hugh MacArthur

A total of 8,000 people turned up at Motril Port to see the seven docked warships belonging to the Spanish Navy. »

Motril Cleaner Assaulted

By Hugh MacArthur

A street cleaner in Motril was attacked whilst he was cleaning an area of town that had not been cleaned in a long time; i.e., near the Cuartel de Simancas. »

Motril Naval Open Day

By Martin Myall

Now that the air forces have had a chance to show off, it is the turn of the Spanish Navy, who will be visiting Motril Port on the 16th of June in strength. »

Motril Air Show Success

By Louise Powell

The Motril Air Show beat its own expectations and attracted 70,000 spectators - they had hoped for 60,000, but it’s hardly suprising with the hardware on show. »

Motril Port Strike

By Hugh MacArthur

You might not be aware of it but there have been nationwide, dock strikes going on, and Motril Port has not escaped this industrial action. »

Pedestrianisation Opinion Poll

By Vivienne Hughes

Following the Christmas rebellion by traders in the centre of Motril against the pedestrianisation measures, the Town Hall is carrying out a opinion poll. »

Gastronomic Competition Winners

By Vivienne Hughes

The Club Náutico in Motril has held its yearly competition entitled Certamen Gastronáutico La Sirenita; this is the fourth year of this annual event. »