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Brit Saved on Nerja Beach

By Hugh MacArthur

A British woman was rescued from drowning on a Nerja beach, thanks to the prompt action of two key beach-going visitors: a policeman and a lifeguard. »

Hope for Nerja Medical Centre

By Vivienne Hughes

For the last 14 years Nerja has been waiting for its new medical centre and now, finally, it looks like it will finally happen, pending a category change. »

Two Nerja Fires

By Paula Anthony

There have been a couple of fires in Nerja; one affected a house and the other a campervan in the proximity of Rio Chíllar. »

Maro Beach Drugs Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

A police operation resulted in a drugs bust on a Maro (Nerja) beach during the early hours of the 1st of June. »

Sewage Treatment Woes

By Martin Myall

Yes, we’re obviously talking about Nerja, whose new sewage-treatment-plant work must be going faster than light… as its going backwards - just joking. »

Nerja Fire Station Blues

By Hugh MacArthur

Since the protest by about 30 firemen in front of the wholely inadequate fire deport in Nerja in March this year, little has happened, but the banners and signature book remain. »

Franco, Falangists & Nerja

By Martin Myall

Franco is long dead but there are still many people in Spain who are fanatic supporters - the funeral service in Nerja for a Franco-era minister was a demonstration of this. »

No to Maro Golf

By Hugh MacArthur

A neighbourhood association for Nerja and Maro is collecting signatures against the macro, urban development project that includes an 18-hole golf course in Maro. »

Endesa Electrician Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

This time it was con artists mascarading as electricitians from Sevillana-Endesa operating in Nerja and targeting elderly foreign residents. »

Nerja Grua Rates

By Vivienne Hughes

There are certain Spanish words that foreign residents soon pick up; tapa, multa, siesta, grua, fiesta and autovia, amongst others, which is why using grua requires no translation. »