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Almuñécar Market Muddle

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar, municipal-market affair festers on, with the governing party trying to sell its project as a positive move with nobody else buying it. »

Signature Gathering

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar's C.A. has been out collecting signatures in favour of preventing a supermarket chain from taking over the municipal market. »

Municipal Markets vs The Future

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

(KAR05/COH01) It's a pity that for nearly a decade disagreements exist on what one should do with Almuñécar's ramshakle, market-hall structure. »

Almuñécar Market Controversy

By Martin Myall

Juan Carlos Benavides said, as Spokesman for the Almuñécar PA, that it is lamentable that the municipal market is going to disappear. »

La Herradura Photo Exhibition

By Louise Powell

(COE28) There will be a photo exhibition in La Herradura beginning on the 16th entitled, III Exposición de Fotografías: La Herradura, Lugares, Gente. »

Market Demolition Closer

By Martin Myall

(COE14) Well, the Almuñécar Council had its Plenary Meeting and the ruling party, as expected, tabled a motion to draw up a demolition study for the municipal market. »

Stall Holders Might Sue

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Municipal Market stall-holders are threatening to take out legal action against the Town Hall over its inactivity in this Affair. »

The Municipal Market Sore

By Martin Myall

Meanwhile, over in Almuñécar, it's the socialists who are taking shots at the PP-led Town Council over municipal-market progress - or lack of it. »

Municipal Market Improvements

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Mercado Municipal is getting a bit of a facelift, starting with the four entrances being sorted out. »

Miguel Turns 104

By Hugh MacArthur

There's a man in Salobreña who has seen a lot more than most people - Miguel Fajardo has just turned 104 »

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