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Express Kidnap Foiled

By Martin Myall

A judge in the town of Santa Fe has sent three individuals from Fuente Vaqueros to prison, pending trial, for an alleged case of ‘kidnap express.’ »

American Stabbed in Granada

By Vivienne Hughes

An American man was mugged and stabbed in central Granada after he refused to hand over his mobile phone to a thief. The attack took place on Calle Baños de Don Simeón (Realejo). »

Two Germans Arrested

By Hugh MacArthur

Two German citizens were arrested in the north of the city of Granada, charged with being in possession of several kinds of illegal substances (speed & crystal meth). »

A Kiss and Goodbye

By Martin Myall

The Semana Santa brotherhood, Hermandad del Descendimiento in Córdoba is taking disciplinary action against a female Easter, throne bearer. »

Semana Santa Stampede

By Vivienne Hughes

It is testimony to how jumpy the Spanish general public is over terrorists attacks that panic broke out during a Semana Santa procession in Sevilla resulting in injuries. »

Granada Doctor Arrested for Theft

By Hugh MacArthur

A doctor in Granada has been arrested for allegedly stealing a portable, echograph machine from a hospital in Almería in April 2014. »

More Than Bargained For

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil in Granada arrested three young men and an underage girl for beating up a man who had paid to sleep with the girl. »

Two General Hospitals for Granada

By Editor

After lengthy negotiations between the Regional Health Board (SAS) and medical-staff unions etc, the former caved in to the demands of the latter: two general hospitals. »

The Granada Hospital Dispute

By Martin Myall

The opening of the new hospital in Granada near the Science Park should have been a cause for celebration but it has become the centre of a regional health-system storm instead. »

Forged Passports at Airport

By Hugh MacArthur

The police at Granada airport arrested three Chinese citizens with false South Korean passports with the intention of taking a flight to the UK. »