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Granada Metro Opens

By Hugh MacArthur

Yesterday midday, at long last, the Granada-city metro system came into service with 12 trains and 234 staff and a sigh of relief. »

Alhambra Sunsets

By Louise Powell

Granada city sunsets, with the Alhambra in the foreground, can be spectacular - Bill Clinton reckoned so, anyway, viewing it from the Mirador de San Nicolás. »

Brewery Chemical Spillage

By Martin Myall

There was a bit of a panic in Granada on Wednesday at the Alhambra Brewery owing to an escape of ammonia, resulting in four workers being treated in hospital. »

Bank Holiday in Granada

By Martin Myall

(GIL) If you’re planning on going up to Granada today, with plans to get lots of things done... forget it because it is a public holiday today, Friday the 15th of September. »

Jitters, Hoaxes & Rumours

By Martin Myall

(GIL) Unfortunately, the Barcelona terrorist attacks have spawned irresponsible online hoaxes about attacks across the country, especially in Granada. »

14-Year-Old Girl Stabbed

By Martin Myall

A 27-year-old man has been arrested for the alleged stabbing of a 14-year-old girl in the metropolitan area of Granada. »

French Mugger Caught

By Vivienne Hughes

(MWS) The Policía Nacional in the city of Granada arrested a Frenchman today suspected of a mugging carried out near the city’s bus station today. »

Acompalia’s Summer Ball

By Louise Powell

(ISA) Acompalia will hold its 3rd edition of their annual Summer Ball on September 22nd in the Salon Safi at La Mamunia in , Otura, Granada. »

Granada Mosque Targeted

By Hugh MacArthur

A group of extreme-right activists burst into Granada’s main mosque around 21.00h Saturday night and let off smoke bombs before unfurling a banner outside. »

Hammer and Slammer

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional in Granada arrested a 62-year-old man after catching him red handed with a hammer in his possession near several cars with broken windows. »