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Body Found in Recycling Plant

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional were called in after the discovery of a mangled body in a cardboard, recycling plant in Granada. »

US Women Assaulted in Granada

By Vivienne Hughes

A group of young American women were sexually assaulted in the city of Granada by a gang of youths. »

Failed Self-Immolation

By Vivienne Hughes

A 50-year-old man tried to set himself alight in the Emergency Department of a Granada hospital yesterday morning. »

Generous to Passersby

By Hugh MacArthur

The municipal police in Granada came across a man, who did not appear to be in command of his faculties, handing out banknotes of up to 50 euros to passersby. »

Missing Girl Hoax

By Martin Myall

There's a 'missing girl' hoax going around the social media and the Policía Local in the city of Granada are warning people not to be taken in by it. »

Fun up in Granada

By Louise Powell

There are a couple of kiddie activities coming up in Granada, if you fancy a day off the coast, from Puss in Boots to the circus. »

Too Many Cooks…

By Martin Myall

Do you sometimes get the impression that there are more workers standing around a hole in the road than are needed for the task at hand? Read on! »

Runaway Butane Lorry

By Martin Myall

(COE20) A runaway butano lorry careered into several parked cars in Granada before ploughing into the concrete barrier around Guardia Civil quarters. »

Niece Fleeces Uncle?

By Martin Myall

On the 29th of August, 2013 a man of 80 was brought into the emergency ward of the Hosptial Virgen de las Nieves in Granada with acute pneumonia. He was accompanied by a niece. »

Online Addict Attacks Mother

By Vivienne Hughes

A Granada Minors Magistrate sent a 14-year-old boy to a youth detention centre because he had wounded his mother with a box cutter after he was denied Internet access. »

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