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48th Festival Flamenco

By Louise Powell

Salobreña will see the 48th Festival Flamenco Lucero del Alba on the 5th of August, but you can already buy your tickets - be sure to because it will soon sell out! »

Herradura Paseo Work Starts

By Vivienne Hughes

Work will commence at the beginning of May on the La Herradura paseo, thanks to the formal signing of an agreement on the 25th with the Mancomunidad. »

Salobreña Street Work

By Vivienne Hughes

There will be some roadworks up in the old town of Salobreña, commencing in the first quarter of next year. »

Baby Wipes Problem

By Vivienne Hughes

Believe it or not, many people flush baby wipes down their toilets. Unfortunately this is causing chaos in our sewage systems. »

Herradura’s Paseo Puddles

By Hugh MacArthur

If one day, in the distant future, it actually gets around to raining, Los Herradureños know that the paseo is going to flood - it always does. »

The Costa Tropical Pulls Together

By Vivienne Hughes

For the first time, and under the banner of the Mancomunidad, all the Costa Tropical town halls are pulling together to demand anti-beach-erosion work. »

More Beach Regeneration Fallout

By Vivienne Hughes

The Chairman of the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical has called for the provincial representative of Costas to resign over the late handling of beach regeneration. »

Mancomunidad Madness

By Martin Myall

The Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa Tropical has just approved its budget for 2016; one-million euros, but which contains no projects. »

Salobreña Hosts Moroccan Visit

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña was host to a meeting between the Mancomunidad de la Costa Tropical and the Moroccan Chamber of Commerce. »

Motril EDAR Causes Stink

By Hugh MacArthur

One of the Motril opposition parties, the IU, claims that the sewage-treatment plant is causing a stink, both figuratively & literally. »

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