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Pasión Tango in Nerja

By Louise Powell

Tango lovers will have a chance to see a show entitled Pasión Tango in Nerja on the 23rd of this month at the Centro Cultural Villa de Nerja. »

Sewage Plant Protest March

By Vivienne Hughes

(TVI01) Over 700 people gathered outside the unfinished sewage plant in Nerja in protest over not having been completed and put into action. »

Cortijo Demolition Postponed

By Vivienne Hughes

(TVI06) The Vélez Town Hall had fixed this Monday for the eviction and demolition of two dwellings that had been built on rural land near Los Puertas. »

Light Plane Down

By Hugh MacArthur

The Axarquia airfield, Leoni Benabú, near Vélez-Málaga is running up a hairy reputation, especially after another light aircraft from there crash landed. »

Axarquia’s Animal Shame

By Vivienne Hughes

(COE11) The environmental branch of the Guardia Civil (SEPRONA) have uncovered yet another case of animal cruelty, this time involving dozens of dogs in Axarquia. »

Flaming Road-Sweeping Vehicle

By Hugh MacArthur

A road-sweeping machine in Vélez-Málaga went up in flames on Tuesday; reports that it had been speeding are unsubstantiated. »

Operación Canis Petra

By Martin Myall

Police operation, Canis Petra, has concluded with 22 arrests as part of a gang that specialised in stealing hunting dogs and selling them on. »

Nerja’s New Fire Station

By Vivienne Hughes

(TVI05) If you have taken a trip over to Nerja, you will have seen the temporary fire station plastered with banners calling for a permanent solution - things are moving. »

Merited Recompense?

By Martin Myall

(TVI05) Nine PP councillors in Nerja's Town Council have demanded payment for attending a Plenary meeting, even though they had walked out at the beginning. »

A Drowning Off Maro

By Vivienne Hughes

An immigrant drowned off the coast of Maro. According to Salvamento Marítimo, the victim was a male who jumped out of RIB before it reached the beach. »

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