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Banknotes Littering Autovía

By Hugh MacArthur

A Guardia Civil road check was tipped off about almost 250,000 euros that had been jettisoned onto the roadside near their check point. »

Waiter Copies Credit Card

By Hugh MacArthur

The Supreme Court has confirmed a waiter's 5-year, prison sentence for cloning a diners' credit card at the restaurant where he worked. »

Missing German Girl Found

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional in Granada managed to locate a missing, German teenager on Friday night at 22.00h after she went missing in Madrid. »

Soaring Rental Prices

By Hugh MacArthur

After getting over the building bubble, we seem to have moved onto the house-rent bubble, with rents increasing up to 12 times more than salaries. »

Building Collapse Traps Workers

By Hugh MacArthur

On the same day as the firework explosion in Galicia, rescue services were called in when a house collapsed in the centre of Madrid. »

Falling Tree Kills Toddler

By Vivienne Hughes

The heavy rains and high winds at the end of March caused the death of a 4-year old in a Madrid park when a tree fell on him. »

Dive Travel Show 2018

By Louise Powell

The Costa Tropical not only has its beaches and hinterland, rich with subtropical fruit, but it also has its seabed, which is a major attraction. »

Hero Pilot Wronged

By Martin Myall

You might remember two air-crash incidents involving Spanish Air Force F-18s. Well, recent relevations have uncovered some shameful facts. »

Big Playa Poniente Plans

By Martin Myall

The Motril Town Hall has come up with a plan to build underground car parks - three in fact - down on Playa Poniente. »

Bogus Policeman Kidnapping

By Martin Myall

The provincial law courts in Madrid have sentenced a man to five years' imprisonment for the attempted kidnapping of a young woman, whilst impersonating a policeman. »

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