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Booby-Trapped Food for Pets

By Vivienne Hughes

At the end of summer last year the police alerted people to the fact that booby-trapped food was being left for pets in parks in several cities across the country. »

Coastal Bumpkins

By Vivienne Hughes

The Provisional Delegate for Tourism in Granada apologised for having called the representatives from the Costa Tropical "bumpkins." »

Posting Car Photos Online

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil has warned against posting photos of your car, where you can see the number plate, on social media and car-sale sites. »

First Train on Monday

By Hugh MacArthur

The first train in over three years will leave Granada station at 07.35h on Monday the 3rd with 50 seats already sold as of yesterday. »

The Train is Back!

By Martin Myall

The provincial Sub-Delegate for the Central Government, Inmaculada López Calahorro, announced that the Madrid-Granada train service recommences this month. »

Banknotes Littering Autovía

By Hugh MacArthur

A Guardia Civil road check was tipped off about almost 250,000 euros that had been jettisoned onto the roadside near their check point. »

Salobreña Groyne Project

By Vivienne Hughes

According to the Mayor of Salobreña, the groyne project, which is to be built at the mouth of Río Guadalfeo, has already been drawn up. »

Waiter Copies Credit Card

By Hugh MacArthur

The Supreme Court has confirmed a waiter's 5-year, prison sentence for cloning a diners' credit card at the restaurant where he worked. »

Missing German Girl Found

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional in Granada managed to locate a missing, German teenager on Friday night at 22.00h after she went missing in Madrid. »

Soaring Rental Prices

By Hugh MacArthur

After getting over the building bubble, we seem to have moved onto the house-rent bubble, with rents increasing up to 12 times more than salaries. »

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