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Almuñécar Gym Moves

By Vivienne Hughes

Los Almuñequeros are going to get a bigger & better municipal gymnasium, as it is being moved to the municipal swimming-pool installations. »

Mountain Park Claims

By Vivienne Hughes

The mountain park, Peña Escrita, in Almuñécar, still has quite a few wild animals looking for a home, but some will never see the day - they have already died. »

Bengal Tiger Dies in Peña Escrita

By Martin Myall

It would appear that one of the several Bengal Tigers in captivity up in the Peña Escrita mountain park has died. »

Litter Assessment

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, Luis Aragón explained that after a detailed study concerning litter, his department had reorganized the distribution of litter bins - gripping stuff! »

Sports Boost for Almuñécar

By Anne Eastwood

According to the Councillor for Sport, 2014 will be a special year for sports clubs in the Almuñécar municipality, as the princely sum of 93,000 euros has been committed to all the clubs in the local area... »

Benny Revival?

By Martin Myall

The provincial headquarters of the PA - Benavides' old party - announced that it had not closed its doors to their ex-star player returning. »

New Municipal Offices Near Castle

By David Darby

The residents of the San Miguel area (old town area around the Castle) of Almuñecar now have a local municipal office, which is located on Calle San Miguel, in what was the old school building. »

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