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Monkey Business

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil are investigating eleven suspects scattered over several provinces for smuggling monkeys. »

Port’s WIFI Coverage

By Vivienne Hughes

According to the Chairman of the Port Authority, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, Motril Port has the largest, free WIFI area in the whole of the province. »

Milking Cancer Sympathy

By Vivienne Hughes

A 44-year-old man was arrested in Xàtiva (Valencia), suspected of fraud; he allegedly swindled 2,600 euros out of a friend, making her believe his daughter had cancer. »

Bye Bye Roaming

By Martin Myall

Today is the big day that roaming charges disappear in Europe - it only took ten years; before even smart phones existed - but the day has finally come. »

Cloud Laptops

By Zen2net

Whether you realize it or not, if you have an email address, you are using “Cloud” storage; if you purchase anything online or use Google Docs (to share information) you are using “Cloud” storage. »


By Zen2net

Attention PC Lovers: Towers are back - in all sizes and customized! »

Behind the Scenes

By Zen2net

Most of us now take the ubiquitous PC, laptop and mobile device for granted; they are everywhere and all look pretty similar. »

Fiber Optic Internet Arrives

By Hugh MacArthur

One lucky resident in Almuñécar already enjoys a fibre-optic Internet connection. Work began about a week ago after Telefónica received an installation licence from the Town Hall. »

Better Business Comms

By Hugh MacArthur

Salobreña businesses have cut a deal with Radiokable, with a little nudging from the Town Hall, giving the former more affordable telecommunications. »

The Next Windows Generation

By Zen2net

FTR Zen JL15The current tech buzz is all about the next Microsoft operating system, Windows 10 (no, you did not miss 9…it never existed and the reasons don’t really matter now). What is important is what Windows 10 offers as a departure from what most PC users already know and are accustomed to.... »

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