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Benaudalla Fire Controlled

By Hugh MacArthur

The Vélez de Benaudalla fire was declared "controlled" around 17.00h Saturday. The fire broke out the previous day causing a large column of smoke near the canyon. »

Mountain Fire Molvizar

By Martin Myall

There is scant information available but there is a fire somewhere between Ítrabo and Móvizar, plainly visible from Motril, Salobreña and Otívar - where I am. »

Guajares Fire Extinguished

By Hugh MacArthur

The fire in the Los Guajares was declared ‘extinguished' by infoca on Monday the 11th around 12.00h. »

Overstretched Infoca

By Martin Myall

The Andalusian, forest, fire-fighting service Infoca has been working flat out, combating around six fires scattered all over the region - the latest was on a campingsite. »

Lentegí Infoca Accident

By Martin Myall

An Infoca worker lost his life when his vehicle left the track on a hillside and plummeted down a gully yesterday. The accident occurred in above lentegí in an area known as the Cebailla. »

Small Alpujarra Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

It's not only the weather that gives the sensation of the summer lingering, because this lack of rain is also prolonging the fire season. »

Small Jete Fire

By Martin Myall

Despite being of very small proportions, the small fire that broke out within the municipality of Jete on the 24th received lots of attention and was quickly extinguished. »

Lújar Burns Again

By Hugh MacArthur

A fire was declared in the municipality of Lújar (Behind Motril) today at 16.12h - it was only last year that Lújar suffered a devastating forest fire. »

Almuñécar Environment Week

By Hugh MacArthur

Here's your chance to find out more about local flora and fauna, above and below sea level within the municipality of Almuñécar and along the Costa Tropical. »

Fire Culprits Arrested

By Martin Myall

The forensic department of the regional police, charged with investigating forest fires, has identified the cause of two recent fires in the province. »

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