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Carchuna-Calahonda Sulks

By Hugh MacArthur

The First Councillor of Carchuna-Calahonda is not a happy bunny over Torrenueva's independence, or better said, her lack of it for her townships. »

Torrenueva Costa Independence

By Hugh MacArthur

Within the space of four days, the Junta will announce in the Regional Gazette the independence of Torrenueva from Motril - it's official. »

Torrenueva Independence?

By Martin Myall

This Motril dependency has long sought independence from its mother town but now it has all the necessary paperwork together, at last. »

La Herradura Independence?

By Martin Myall

he Almuñécar opposition party, IU, has proposed that steps should be taken to turn La Herradura into a self-governing entity. »

No Independence for Carchuna-Calahonda

By Vivienne Hughes

The Junta de Andalucia has rejected their administrative separation from Motril, primarily because of their proximity to the metropolis. »

Things Happen

By Marianne Lindahl

Finland has made a new world record. Mrs. Margit Tall, a daredevil lady of 95 is thought to be the world’s oldest woman to bungee jump. She made an old wish come through, after ignoring the organiser’s warning that the leap could kill her. She just went to the jumping site at Kaivopuisto... »

Scotland & Catalonia

By David Darby

So, what does the Scotland 'No' vote mean for Catalonia? Well, in truth, not an awful lot really, but it has made the public in Catalonia (and many other countries worldwide) sit up and take notice. Particularly the 'turnout' figures. »

Blow for Carchuna Independence

By Hugh MacArthur

The Advisory Board of Andalucía has rejected the separation of Carchuna from Motril to form an independent municipality. »

The Catalonia Question

By David Darby

The big European news today is the Spanish governments vow to block any plans by Catalonia to hold a referendum on independence on 9th November 2014. »

Estonian Swedes

By Marianne Lindahl

At Los Nordicos last week we had the privilege to listen to an interesting lecture by historian Bengt Kummel, PhD, from Finland. The topic was “The dramatic circumstances around the transfer of Estonian Swedes to Sweden in 1944”. Dr. Kummel started by giving some historic data on the Swedish population of Estonia, a linguistic... »

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