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Gale-Force Winds

By Hugh MacArthur

It's been windy - no arguments there, but just how windy? One look a some greenhouses east of Motril will confirm that it has been extremely windy. »

Controversial Hotel Project

By Martin Myall

The main opposition party in the Provincial Council, the PP has criticised the assignation of 5m euros for a hotel project in on the Paseo de San Cristóbal in Almuñécar. »

Everybody’s Beaches

By Vivienne Hughes

(TLV) There is little that Spain can thank Franco for, but if there is something, it is the fact that nobody can own a beach in Spain - they are all publicly owned and open to all. »

Surprise Hotel Birth

By Vivienne Hughes

An 18-year-old Irish tourist gave birth to a baby girl in a hotel in Nerja on the 10th, assisted by her 19-year-old partner and members of the hotel staff. »

Unlucky Seating

By Vivienne Hughes

María de la Luz Morillo was severly injured when a hotel electricity transformer exploded, shooting out a jet of flame through a vent that torched the table where she and others were sitting. »

Taxi Drivers vs. Chauffers

By Martin Myall

The growing rumble of war drums between taxi drivers and chauffer companies, such as Cabify, has seemingly erupted into an arson attack on several parked cars belonging to the latter. »

Royal Home to Luxury Hotel?

By Vivienne Hughes

Villa Astrida on Playa Granada in Motril was the home of the Belgian Monarchs, but it may soon become a luxury hotel. »

Municipal Restaurant & Hotel

By Vivienne Hughes

A restaurant belonging to the Almuñécar Town Hall reopened this Christmas after having remained closed for a decade: Restaurante El Horno de Cándida. »

Spectacular Mains Burst

By Vivienne Hughes

If we say, "a mains burst" in Benalmádena, we would be failing miserably in describing the extraordinary amount of water involved. »

4-Star Hotels & Energy Theft

By Martin Myall

When you hear that somebody has illegally connected up to power supply, it's normally just somebody's house, but in this case, it's four hotels. »