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Horse Causes Road Death

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil have identified the owner of a horse (thanks to its microchip) that caused a road accident resulting in a death. »

Eye Ripped out in Fight

By Hugh MacArthur

A 51-year-old man was hospitalised in Granada (Traumatología) after receiving a brutal beating in Montejícar (Northern Granada). »

Guilty of Animal Cruelty

By Vivienne Hughes

A man from Maracena received a 9-month suspended sentence for letting his horse die from thirst and hunger. He has also been barred from working with or possessing animals for a period of two years. »

Road Deaths Weekend

By Hugh MacArthur

Nine deaths in nine road accidents across Spain between 15.00h Friday the 20th and midnight Sunday the 21st. Two were pedestrians and three were bikers. »

Brit’s Dogs Killed

By Vivienne Hughes

A British woman in Caniles had five of her dogs killed and a horse injured; it is thought that the culprits could be disgruntled hunters. »

Salar Horse Fair

By Vivienne Hughes

Over 100 horses, mules and donkeys - even ponies, were on show at the Real Feria del Ganado in Salar in the Poniente de Granada. »

Acompalia and Equus Horse Event

By Acompalia

Equus Alpujarra and Acompalia announce May, horseback-endurance event to raise funds for charity »

Horses Cruelly Treated

By Martin Myall

Thanks to the alarm being raised by a foreign tourist in Motril, the suffering of neglected and starved animals has been stopped. »

Horse Causes Road Accident

By Editor

Three members of a family; two men and their mother, were injured when their van collided with a horse on the N-340 between Motril and Torrenueva. The animal had escaped from a field near Motril. It took seven hours before the animal, which was in agony, was put down. »

La Herradura Riding

By David Darby

Trying to think of a top present for someone? Something a bit different than the usual perfume, pants or chocs? How about some riding lessons, with the lovely Karen at La Herradura Riding Centre where you can see the Spanish countryside as it should be seen. »

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