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Almuñécar Street Robbery

By David Darby

(COH01) Looking outside they saw a middle aged man, who clearly had learning difficulties, being attacked by a young, North African looking man in a blue hoodie. »

Busy Saturday at Sea

By Vivienne Hughes

Last Saturday saw the interception of six craft carrying illegal immigrants, giving a total of over 180 people rescued in one day. »

Holy Hand-Grenade?

By Martin Myall

A rather strange object was uncovered behind the municipal cemetery in Vélez-Málaga. It looked like a hand-grenade but it had an ornate designs. »

Children Defending Children

By Martin Myall

There are times when children put adults to shame and what happened in a Catalan school is one of those times. »

More Police for Salobreña?

By Vivienne Hughes

(HMI) Salobreña wants a larger Guardia-Civil presence in the municipality; a wish that was approved in the Plenary Meeting of the Town Call. »

Guardia Civil Move In

By Martin Myall

Owing to the fact that the Catalán Regional Police have failed to act, the Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional have moved in to evict voters and voting officials from the occupied schools. »

Brit Toddler Saved at Airport

By Vivienne Hughes

The life of a 2-year-old, British child was saved at the Alicante-Elche Airport who had lost consciousness and suffered a fit. »

Molvizar, Serbs and Smilie Grass

By Martin Myall

(TRP) The good folk of Molvízar are splendid farmers.. as are two Serbians who live there, because they have produced a sizeable crop of marihuana plants, bless their cotton socks. »

18 Climbers Rescued

By Hugh MacArthur

(RGO) The Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue team had to assist 18 climbers from an 22-man-strong climbing excursion belonging to a local climbing club. »

Gas Leak in Morche

By Hugh MacArthur

A 3-storey building in Morche (Torrox) was evacuated in the early hours of the 13th after a strong smell of gas was reported. »