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Blood and Bikes

By Hugh MacArthur

If you live in Almuñécar you have two upcoming dates that might concern you: blood donations and ITVs for mopeds. Read on for Gualchos and Albuñol, too. »

Drunk and Overly Optimistic

By Martin Myall

A young man was seriously injured when he fell several floors onto an interior patio within a block of flats in Gualchos. »

The Mancomunidad’s Extra Cash

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mancomunidad de Municipios (Area Council) held an Extraordinary General Meeting yesterday resulting in good news for small villages. »

Rambla Clearing Begins

By Hugh MacArthur

Work has finally begun on clearing out the ramblas and barrancos on the Costa Tropica, starting with Almuñécar. »

Gualchos Fire Suspect

By Vivienne Hughes

The recent mountain-brush fire near Gualchos was allegedly caused by a women with mental health issues, according to the Guardia Civil. »

Gualchos Mountain Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

A mountain-brush fire in Gualchos (Castell de Ferro) broke out yesterday and thanks to the quick response of Infoca it was declared extinguished at 16.57h that same day. »

Woman’s Fall & Car Crash

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman in Motril fell from a 2nd-floor balcony on Monday from her flat on calle Millán which is near Cuatro Esquinas and Calle Las Cañas. »

Illegal 4-Wheeled Twins

By Hugh MacArthur

(COE15) The Guardia Civil in Castell de Ferro are questioning a man who has been using the same number plates for two different cars - sneaky! »

Castell Race for AECC

By Vivienne Hughes

The Provincial Council and the Town Hall have organised a race for all ages with the aim of raising funds for the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). »

Rambla Clearing Before Rains

By Vivienne Hughes

The Junta has finally put into motion the clearing of overgrown riverbeds and gullies on the Costa Tropical in preparation for the end-of-summer rains. »

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