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More Greenhouses for Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

In the latest Plenary Meeting of the Motril Town Council the move to increase greenhouse farming was approved thanks to votes in favour from the majority of political parties. »

Unhealthy Flotsam Trails?

By Martin Myall

Sitting on Salobreña beach you can be forgiven for thinking that we were back in the 80s because the unwholesome-looking scum was making its way to the shore. »

Persistent Plastic Mocks Costas

By Hugh MacArthur

The greenhouses have gone, demolished, but some of the plastic refuse hasn't; it's littering Playa El Pozuelo (municipality of Albuñol). »

Gale-Force Winds

By Hugh MacArthur

It's been windy - no arguments there, but just how windy? One look a some greenhouses east of Motril will confirm that it has been extremely windy. »

Costas Greenhouses & Bulldozers

By Martin Myall

Wednesday saw the bulldozers move into action on Playa El Pozuelo, demolishing the greenhouses that have stood there for nearly 40 years. »

Exploitation Wages?

By Martin Myall

On Thursday the 26th the Albuñol Town Council held an Plenary Meeting to discus the situation in the municipality’s plastic green houses - the workers are not happy. »

Greenhouse Workers Revolt

By Hugh MacArthur

Over 200 greenhouse workers in Albuñol, most of whom are Moroccan, Senegalese and Romanian, have met with union representatives over work-condition exploitation. »

Fire in the Nacla

By Editor

The Motril firemen were called out on the 10th of September to tackle a fire in the Nacla area of town - that’s in the north of the municipality. »

Huge Marihuana Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional in Motril dismantled two illegal plantations in greenhouses which resulted in being one of the largest marihuana-plantation busts in the whole of Andalucia to date. »

Cucumber Dumping Closer

By Martin Myall

The sector is considering dumping one million kilos a day until the price recovers - we're talking about 40% of the production. »

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