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Water Park Needs Staff

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar water park, Aquatropic, is taking on extra staff for its 30th anniversary, giving the installations a total of 70 personnel. »

Body Found in Recycling Plant

By Vivienne Hughes

The Policía Nacional were called in after the discovery of a mangled body in a cardboard, recycling plant in Granada. »

Otívar’s Níspola Weekend

By Martin Myall

It's the Golden Níspora Fiesta in Otívar this weekend, with plenty of activities: painting exhibitions, martial arts, cooking, a handicraft market, live music and more... »

Wasting Resources

By Hugh MacArthur

The local opposition party, Ciudadanos in La Herradura has complained about the work being carried out on the Paseo Marítimo Andrés Segovia. »

A Handbrake Turn of Events

By Hugh MacArthur

A resident of Padul (Valle de Lecrín) had to be hospitalised after being knocked down by her own car. »

Granada Rocks!

By Hugh MacArthur

Sixteen earth tremors have been registered on seismographs yesterday around the provincial capital. »

The Long Wait

By Martin Myall

What first was reported as a mugging appears to be an act of revenge by the father of a murdered 4-year-old girl. »

Salobreña Peñon Clean Up

By Hugh MacArthur

Thanks to a group of American student volunteers, Salobreña's Peñon is looking a lot less litter cluttered - try saying that after a jar or two. »

Multi-Cine for Motril

By Martin Myall

Motril will soon have a 6-sala cinema within a new shopping centre going up behind the Al Campo gasoline station. »

Record-Breaking Weekend

By Louise Powell

This weekend has seen the highest figures ever for visitors to the Sierra Nevada in a spring season: 21,000 skiers. »

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