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Earth Tremors & Fireballs

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar had a Three Kings slightly out of the normal, registering a 2.5 earth tremor at less than a minute to 10 in the morning. »

A Jerry Lee Lewis Night

By Martin Myall

We've had three fireballs streaking over our heads in just one night, and none of them was Dave Darby on his new scooter. »

The Sunday Morning Fireball

By Vivienne Hughes

The astronomic tracking station, La Hita (Toledo) picked up the passage of a spectacular fireball crossing Spain's south-eastern skies yesterday. »

Fireball over Málaga

By Hugh MacArthur

At exactly 03.48h Monday morning, a fireball streaked across the Andalusian sky, whose entry was registered by the Hita Observatory (Toledo). »

Goodness Gracious, Great Balls…

By Hugh MacArthur

There was a fireball over the Costa Tropical around 03.27h on Friday the 9th, which became visible over the Med and streaked in over the province of Granada. »

Fireball Lands in Cordoba

By Vivienne Hughes

A meteorite impacted within the province of Cordobá after streaking across the sky as a fireball - that's the fourth in in the last few days that has landed on the Iberian Peninsular. »

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