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Jete Barranco Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

Fire personnel from Almuñécar and two Infoca units tackled a mountain-brush fire on the Jete road just beyond the gasolinera heading north. »

Drugs, Fires & Noise in Motril

By Hugh MacArthur

A haul of hashish was recovered from Playa Granada in Motril, on Friday the 20th, 40 packages were discovered there. »

Costa Banana Fire

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Fire Service was busy Saturday evening, putting out a fire on a piece of overgrown wasteland near Costa Banana. »

Floods & Fires

By Hugh MacArthur

The early hours of yesterday saw the Motril Fire Service and Policía Local rushing around in the south of town sorting out the flooding and a fire. »

Rum Factory Fire Trial

By Martin Myall

Readers might remember the fire nearly five years ago at the Ron Montero rum factory in Motril - well, it's at the courts today and tomorrow. »

Almuñécar House Fire

By Martin Myall

There was a house fire on Calle Santa Isabel in Almuñécar yesterday that resulted in two elderly people suffering from smoke inhalation. »

Flaming Road-Sweeping Vehicle

By Hugh MacArthur

A road-sweeping machine in Vélez-Málaga went up in flames on Tuesday; reports that it had been speeding are unsubstantiated. »

Motril Firework Crackdown

By Martin Myall

Having grown up in the UK of the 60s, fireworks were strickly Guy Fawke's night, so Spain's gunpowder generosity with fireworks was liberating. »

Fire Near Port Area

By Hugh MacArthur

(HMI07) Motril started the year with a fire near Barrio de Santa Adela (port area) and another nearby on the Camino de Minasierra. »

Mountain Fire Molvizar

By Martin Myall

There is scant information available but there is a fire somewhere between Ítrabo and Móvizar, plainly visible from Motril, Salobreña and Otívar - where I am. »

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