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Drunk and Overly Optimistic

By Martin Myall

A young man was seriously injured when he fell several floors onto an interior patio within a block of flats in Gualchos. »

To Boldly Go…

By Martin Myall

Some people with four whisky-colas in them and something shiny to climb seem to think that they are Sir Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay! »

Yacht Charters Fined

By Hugh MacArthur

The Servicio Marítimo de la Guardia Civil not only carries out sea rescues, but it also keeps an eye on nautical leisure activities. »

Raped by the Judicial System

By Martin Myall

If you thought that the court finding on the Manada (Wolf Pack) rape case was shameful, then be prepared for even worse. »

Ambulance Loses Drunken Brit

By Hugh MacArthur

A group of Brits got into a drunken fight in Benidorm (surprise!) resulting in one of them needing an ambulance. However, the ambulance lost him on the way to the hospital. »

Asking for Trouble

By Martin Myall

A day that will go down in the annals of breathalyser tales is the 10th of May, 2015 when a biker, who was clearly well over the limit, uttered the immortal words… »

Determined Driver

By Martin Myall

The Catalan regional police, Los Mossos d'Esquadra, arrested a 26-old woman after drink-driving down the AP-7 in Gerona minus a front wheel. »

Armed with A Traffic Sign

By Martin Myall

Whilst in the USA the police shoot you dead for being of a suspicious colour, in Spain, you can beat a patrol car to death and they let you get on with it. »

French Hit & Run Incident

By Vivienne Hughes

Several Frenchmen have been arrested, accused of running over and killing 63-year-old Francisco Adrover during a joy ride in Gandia, Valencia. »

Eventful Weekend in Motril

By Martin Myall

The weekend shift for the Policia Local kicked off to a fun start on Friday at 18.00h with the arrest of a violent gentleman. »

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