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Stalker Sentenced

By Hugh MacArthur

The provincial law courts in Granada has confirmed a 6-month, suspended sentence for a Motril man for stalking a woman who didn't want to go out with him. »

Salobreña Police Disgruntled

By Hugh MacArthur

There has long been a problem between the Salobreña Policia Local and whoever is in power; be it the PP or be it the PSOE. The police are not happy bunnies. »

More Jellyfish Than Tourists?

By Martin Myall

Jellyfish have been the bane of not only this summer, but of several past summers, as well, and it is making a dent in local tourism. »

Dresses and Dressage

By Louise Powell

The Plaza de Toros in Motril will be the venue for a horse dressage show entitled, Cabalgando entre Costuras on the Saturday the 25th. »

Almuñécar Shopping Night 2018

By Louise Powell

Tomorrow, Saturday the 18th, will see the second Almuñécar Shopping Night this summer; the first one was on the 26th of July and was a great success. »

Dutchman Arrested Motril Port

By Hugh MacArthur

The Policía Nacional at Motril port arrested a Dutchman fleeing from justice in the Netherlands in connection with drugs charges. »

Fines out on the Waves

By Hugh MacArthur

The crisis hit the nautical, leisure industry pretty hard with the sector taking a 70% hit; small craft were sold and ports lost mooring fees. »

Mercadona Protest Cancelled

By Vivienne Hughes

According to a post on Facebook, the protest called for 09.00h this morning in front of the Mercadona P4 shop has been cancelled as both sides have reached an accord. »

144 Competitors Stung

By Hugh MacArthur

Jellyfish are a pain; ask the 144 swimmers of the 150 of those participating in the Salobreña Triatlón Cross Costa Tropical, who were all stung. »

Almuñecar Mercadona Rebellion

By Vivienne Hughes

There are many miffed people in Almuñécar after the firing of a very popular Mercadona worker at the P4 branch of the supermarket chain. »

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