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Finnish Woman Rescued

By Vivienne Hughes

A Finnish woman, who had become lost whilst on an excursion, was rescued on Friday evening within the municipality of Frigiliana. »

Julen Found Dead

By Martin Myall

Twelve days after the child fell down the narrow bore hole, his lifeless body has been retrieved, extinguishing the last strands of hope. »

Nerja’s Illegal Dump Case

By Vivienne Hughes

The illegal dump near Río de la Miel in Nerja, which was in use between 1998 and 2016, continues in the law courts to determine those responsible. »

Tragic Bore Hole is Illegal

By Martin Myall

Whilst the rescue mission to reach the toddler in Totalán continues into its tenth day, police investigations show that the bore hole was drilled illegally. »

Foreign Woman Rescued

By Hugh MacArthur

A foreign woman had to be rescued in the Parque Natural de las Sierras Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama. »

Rescuers Now Very Close

By Vivienne Hughes

With yesterday came a full week of desperate efforts to rescue the toddler, Julen, from down a narrow bore hole. »

Bore Rescue Developments

By Martin Myall

Whilst not wishing to make this a media fest, there have been developments that should be covered, concerning the family and how the rescue is going. »

German Arrested over Stabbing

By Martin Myall

Incredibly, just 15 days into 2019, there have already been two women in Spain who have died allegedly at the hands of the male partners. »

Policemen Sentenced over Drugs

By Martin Myall

(COH 07C) The provincial law courts in Málaga have found 18 people guilty of drug trafficking, amongst them two policemen and one ex-policeman. »

Police Save Biker’s Life

By Martin Myall

Two policemen belonging to the Guardia Civil managed to save a biker's life after he suffered a lower-limb amputation. »

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