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Two Almuñécar Road Accidents

By Vivienne Hughes

A driver had a lucky escape after nearly plummeting down onto the N-340 where it passes through the Taramay tunnel. There was also collision near Urb. Alfamar. »

Horse Causes Road Death

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil have identified the owner of a horse (thanks to its microchip) that caused a road accident resulting in a death. »

Ferry Knocks Over Dock Crane

By Vivienne Hughes

There was quite a scare in the Port of Barcelona yesterday when a huge ferry collided with the dock, knocking over a large dockside crane. »

Cyclists in Road Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

There was an accident in Vélez de Benaudalla on Saturday involving a collision between two cyclists on the entrance road to the village. »

Ferry vs. Seawall

By Martin Myall

A ferry ploughed into a seawall of the Nelson Mandela dock in the Puerto de la Luz in the Las Palmas of the Canary Islands on the afternoon of Friday the 21st. »

Almuñécar Car Accident

By Martin Myall

There was a minor collision on the Paseo San Cristóbal in Almuñécar yesterday involving two cars with two people slightly injured. The impact was sufficiently violent, however, to force one of the cars up onto the pavement. »

Italians Injured on A-92

By Vivienne Hughes

Three Italians were injured after a lateral collision between a lorry and a bus on the A-92 in the municipality of Salar (near Lojar). »

Nacional 1 – Local 0

By Martin Myall

Both cars screamed down Calle Ribera de Beiro from different ends with sirens and lights blasting and blazing... and crashed into each other. »

Motril Ferry Collision

By Martin Myall

Fortunately it was more of a 'knock' that a full-out collision involving a passenger ferry within Motril Port. »

Bus Justice

By David Darby

It's hard enough driving anywhere in the world these days, but being a bus driver in Moscow can be extremely frustrating. Trying to negotiate the heavy traffic, keeping your passengers safe and happy, and putting up with the crazy drivers in the city who think it is just fine to 'cut up' slow moving... »

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