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A. Segovia Guitar Competition

By Martin Myall

If you're well slick on a fretboard then you have until the 14th of January to get your name down for the next Segovia Guitar Competition. »

End of July Entertainment

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Jazz Festival might be over, come the 31st, but there is still plenty of other live music in the municipality, Like Vivaldi in La Herradura, for example. »

Blood Donor Appointment

By Martin Myall

If you are a blood donor living in La Herradura, you will be interested to know that you will have an opportunity to donate on the 30th. »

Andrés Segovia 2018

By Louise Powell

(KAR10/COE16) Today sees the start of the Classical Guitar, Andrés Segovia competition in La Herradura, ending on the 27th. »

Musical Christmas

By Anne Eastwood

Christmas cheer is here thanks to the Almuñécar City Choir, scheduled to stun you on two occasions and in two locations this Christmas. »

Herradura Festival de Cinemar

By Louise Powell

Fancy some interesting viewing on Saturday the 7th of October between 18.30h and 22.00h? Then head down to the Centro Cívico Auditorium in La Herradura - it’s free! »

Collective Art Exhibition

By Louise Powell

La Herradura’s Centro Cívico is home to a collective art exhibition in the Pepe Gámez showroom. »

La Herradura Padel Club

By Hugh MacArthur

La Herradura now has its own Padel Club with almost 20 members, whose aim it is to compete on a provincial and even a regional level, says its Chairwoman, Victoria Cervilla. »

Andrés Segovia 2017

By Louise Powell

La Herradura is gearing up for the XXXII Certamen Internacional de Guitarra Clásica, Andrés Segovia, which will be held between the 17th and 21st of January. »

La Herradura Photo Competition

By Louise Powell

Esmeralda Ruiz Guillén won the First Prize of the Nino Rodríguez Barbero photograph competition. (Mi pequeño paraíso). »

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