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Too Few; Too Far Apart

By Hugh MacArthur

Guardia Civil posts all over Spain close down over the weekend and most evenings; some like Láchar, don't even have alarms or CCTV. »

Almuñécar Paseo Vandalism

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Policía Local are looking into acts of wanton vandalism carried out along the Paseo del Altillo on Tuesday night. »

Burglars Arrested?

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil says that they have arrested three minors as suspects for having broken into the pensioners' club in La Caleta. »

Police Officer Chases Himself?

By David Darby

The young British undercover police officer was sure he was closing in on his suspect. In fact, the plainclothes officer had this confirmed via his radio link to the CCTV control room. The probationary officer from Sussex Police could barely contain himself when he was told he was closing in on a suspect who... »

Missed Booty

By Martin Myall

A builder was having a coffee in a small bar in Colomera with some friends when he decided to go to the toilet, but absentmindedly left his wallet on the counter - so far, not good. Moments later another local from the town came in, saw the wallet, picked it up and exited rapidly.... »

Illegal Surveillance Cameras

By Martin Myall

The Agencia Española de Protección de Datos has forced the Nerja Town Hall to take down CCTV cameras , which had been installed without the necessary permission in the Jefatura de la Policía Local, on avenida de Pescia »

More Policing for Municipal Market?

By Martin Myall

After a spate of pick-pockets and thefts from the stalls, the Town Hall is looking into stepping up policing at the municipal market, announced the Councillor for Works and Maintenance, José Manuel Fernández Medina. »

Tennis Court Damage

By David Darby

Someone has been vandalising the tennis courts in Las Palomas. Local residents tell me it has been a regular occurrence for some time now. »

Caught Out by CCTV

By Editor

Another hold-up took place – or better said, ‘didn’t take place...' »

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