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Dutch Sexual Predator Captured

By Vivienne Hughes

The most wanted sexual predator from the Netherlands was arrested in a small commune outside Barcelona this weekend past. »

Out of the Frying Pan…

By Martin Myall

Members of an American rap group, who were performing in Barcelona have been arrested, accused of raping a minor and obstruction of justice. »

Fugitive Ex-PM Arrested

By Editor

The ex-Prime Minister of Cataluña, Sr. Puigdemont, who fled the country to avoid arrest, was arrested under an International Arrest Warrant in Germany. »

Police Brutality?

By Martin Myall

This video went viral on Twitter, with most people condemning this policeman's actions, however, others suggest that it could be taken out of context and ask what led to it. »

Punctures & Policemen

By Hugh MacArthur

(ESP06) Fifty-odd lorries have suffered punctures on a particular stretch of the AP-7 where it passes through Cataluña - the culprit is allegedly a policeman. »

Children Defending Children

By Martin Myall

There are times when children put adults to shame and what happened in a Catalan school is one of those times. »

What a Bloody Mess!

By Martin Myall

There is no doubt about it; the Catalan independence movement won the PR war yesterday, thanks to scenes of riot police laying into people trying to vote. »

Guardia Civil Move In

By Martin Myall

Owing to the fact that the Catalán Regional Police have failed to act, the Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional have moved in to evict voters and voting officials from the occupied schools. »

Police Head North

By Vivienne Hughes

The Granada-based Policía Nacional have already sent 92 riot police to Catalunya; the first 46 were sent to Taragona and the other 46 to Barcelona. »

10-Year Old Pregnant

By Martin Myall

Los Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan regional police) have arrested a 17-year-old lad in Puicerda (Gerona) as the suspected father behind a 10-year old’s pregnancy. »

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