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Herradura’s I Castle Festival

By Louise Powell

La Herradura is holding its I Festival Noches en el Castillo, starting tonight, with a variety of different music styles. »

Castle Criticism

By Hugh MacArthur

The Salobreña opposition party, the PP, is not happy with how the governing party is running the castle. »

Carchuna Castle Controversy

By Martin Myall

The 24th of May will see the 80th anniversary of the rescue of Republican prisoners of war held captive in Carchuna fort. »

Salobreña Castle Disappointment

By Vivienne Hughes

The Mayor of Salobreña is not happy that restoration work on the castle has been overlooked again by Central Government where grants are concerned. »

Salobreña Paseo Grant Lost

By Hugh MacArthur

The main opposition party in Salobreña, the PP, has racked up some body blows against the ruling party over the loss of a Paseo-de-las-Flores grant. »

La Herradura Flamenco Tribute

By Vivienne Hughes

La Herradura enjoyed a great flamenco show in the form of the VI Velada Flamenca in tribute to local flamenco singer, Manuel Rodríguez a.k.a. El Ruso. »

A Book on La Herradura

By Louise Powell

Yesterday saw the presentation of a book in La Herradura castle, about La Herradura itself, entitled, El Gran Libro de La Herradura. The presentation took place in the castle at 22.00h. »

La Herradura Bikers Meet

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar bikers club, El Incerso is holding its IV Concentración in the Castillo de La Herradura on the 1st and 2nd of July. »

Almuñécar Spring Timetable

By Louise Powell

The Tourism Board in Almuñécar has issued a new timetable for monuments, parks and museums, etc, which came into effect with the recent change over to summertime hour. »

Herradura Healthy Life Event

By Vivienne Hughes

On Saturday the 12th, starting at 12.00h, the Encuentro de vida Saludable, will be held in La Herradura castle. »

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