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English Film: Dunkirk

By Maria Hehir

You will have the chance to see the excellent film, Dunkirk, in English on Tuesday the 16th at 18.00h in Almuñécar. It will be screen in the Casa de la Cultura, as always. »

A Week of Cultural Events

By Louise Powell

A week of cultural events in Almuñécar, starting Friday the 12th and ending Friday the 19th, including blues, conferences, plays and classical music. »

Film: The Greatest Showman

By Maria Hehir

This week's film in English to be shown in Almuñécar is The Greatest Showman, which is a musical starring Hugh Jackman. »

Russian Army Performance

By Editor

Today, Tuesday the 9th, at the Almuñécar Casa de la Cultura, the Russian (formerly 'Red') Army will give a performance to knock your socks off »

Alabama Gospel Choir

By Louise Powell

If you haven't got any plans for tonight, then perhaps Almuñécar has one for you with the Alabama Gospel Choir at the Casa de la Cultura. »

Almuñécar Christmas Concert

By Louise Powell

The Almuñécar Municipal Band will be performing their Christmas Concert 2017 on Sunday the 17th at the Casa de la Cultura starting at 13.00h - admission is free. »

Almuñécar Film: Genius

By Maria Hehir

Almuñécar's next film in English, with subtitles in Spanish, will be Genius with Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Jude Law. »

Bill & Blues

By Louise Powell

The American Blues guitarist, Bill O’Haire, will be giving a performance at the Casa de La Cultura in Almuñécar on November the 1st at 21.00h - definitely not to be missed! »

Homage to Rowland Fade

By Louise Powell

(MEN) Saturday the 28th saw a homage ceremony in Almuñécar to Rowland Fade on the last day of the VI Encuentro Internacional de Artistas Plásticos in the Casa de la Cultura. »

English Film: Hidden Figures

By Maria Hehir

Almuñécar’s next English-language film (with subtitles in Spanish) will be Hidden Figures. »