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Salobreña Escape Room

By Vivienne Hughes

The Youth Department at the Salobreña Town Hall, together with the Asociación Juvenil Phoenix, has organised an Escape-Room event. »

Almuñécar Film: Lady Bird

By Maria Hehir

The next English-language film scheduled in Almuñécar Casa de la Cultura will be Lady Bird on Tuesday the 10th at the usual time. »

Almuñécar Film: The Bookshop

By Maria Hehir

Next Tuesday, with Semana Santa behind us, there will be an English-language film screened in Almuñécar entitled, The Bookshop. »

Almuñécar: Red Sparrow

By Maria Hehir

The next English-language film in Almuñécar (subtitles in Spanish) will be the newly released, Russian-espionage thriller, Red Sparrow. »

Film: The Shape of Water

By Martin Myall

Almuñécar's next English-language film to be shown is The Shape of Water, starting at 18.00h on Monday the 5th at the Casa de la Cultura. »

Film: Call Me By Your Name

By Maria Hehir

The next English-language film in Almuñécar is, Call Me By Your Name, which was released recently and received an Oscar nomination. »

Almuñécar Film: 3 Billboards…

By Maria Hehir

Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, which has seven Oscar Nominations, is the next English-language film to be shown in Almuñécar. »

English Film: Dunkirk

By Maria Hehir

You will have the chance to see the excellent film, Dunkirk, in English on Tuesday the 16th at 18.00h in Almuñécar. It will be screen in the Casa de la Cultura, as always. »

A Week of Cultural Events

By Louise Powell

A week of cultural events in Almuñécar, starting Friday the 12th and ending Friday the 19th, including blues, conferences, plays and classical music. »

Film: The Greatest Showman

By Maria Hehir

This week's film in English to be shown in Almuñécar is The Greatest Showman, which is a musical starring Hugh Jackman. »

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