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German Father Arrested

By Martin Myall

The statement by a German man in Tenerife that his wife and children had disappeared was blown apart by the account given by his 5-year-old son. »

Swede Arrested over Death

By Vivienne Hughes

A Swedish man has been arrested in the Canary Islands, accused of killing his live-in partner. »

Brothels, Mickey Finns & Porkies

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán, (Canary Islands), are investigating a foreign tourist, suspected of fraud. Read on! »

A Friend in Need…

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil in Puerto Rico-Mogán (Gran Canaria) arrested a man for stealing a female friends credit car and using in a brothel »

Enterprise vs. Red Tape

By Martin Myall

Costa Tropical will be losing its only sightseeing catamaran, thanks to illogical bureaucratic obstacles - something that is endemic in Granada. »

A Weekend of Numerous Drownings

By Martin Myall

A total of seven people drowned in separate incidents this weekend past in Madrid (2), Mallorca (2), Córdoba, Gran Canaria and Barcelona. »

Baby Left in Locked Car

By Vivienne Hughes

A 10-month-old girl died after being left in a locked car for eight hours on Friday. This took place in Mallorca on the Balearic Islands. »

Tip the Gorilla

By Martin Myall

(MGL) Do you ever wonder whether to give the unofficial parking attendant a tip or not; you know, the one with an unsettling smile and cleans his nails with a flick knife. »

Swede Dies in Forest Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

The body of a Swedish woman, resident of San Mateo in Gran Canaria, has been found, victim of the forest fire that has already consumed 2,779 hectares of pine and mountain shrub. »

Minors & Massages

By Hugh MacArthur

he Provincial lawcourt for Palma has sentenced an masseur to pay a 2,430-euro fine, who provided an ‘erotic service’ for a 13-year-old lad. »

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