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Digger Blocks Road

By Vivienne Hughes

Traffic flow in Almuñécar has been seriously affected by building work going on along the Paseo Prieto Moreno, which connects the Altillo to the Santo. »

Reform Work in The Almuñécar Town Hall

By Hugh MacArthur

Anybody who has wandered into the building will see that there is a lot of building work going on inside. »

Market Parking Controversy

By Martin Myall

Convergencia Andaluza de Almuñécar-La Herradura has requested that the Town Hall does not charge the rent for market-stall hire at the municipal market, corresponding to November, as they consider the Mayor's decision to close down the parking underneath the market has set them back. »

Urban Disciplinary File

By Maria Teresa Velasco

Working on your property without a license, or doing work on a property that is not included in the license, can have serious consequences. »

Three Million for Almuñécar

By Editor

Three million euros to be spent on 13 projects around town... »

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