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Non-Smoking Beach

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Motril, Flor Almón, and health representatives from the Junta and Hospital Santa Ana have signed a pact that will see a Motril beach area converted to non-smoking. »

Busy Beach Cleaning Operation

By Vivienne Hughes

Workers from the Almuñécar beach-cleaning company, Urbaser were busy last week picking up tonnes of seaweed, which had been washed up by the surf. »

Lifeguards Signing Off

By David Darby

Lifeguard cover for Almuñécar and La Herradura will cease this Sunday. So, take good care when taking a dip, and keep a close eye on those kiddywinks! »

Playa Rijana Award

By Hugh MacArthur

(MGL) Do you know the Playa de La Rijana, which is on the way to Castell de Ferro from Calahonda? Well it’s the first in the province to get a certain environmental award. »

Heart Attack on Beach

By Hugh MacArthur

(AXL) A man had to be attended to by medical staff after suffering a cardiac arrest on La Herradura beach on Tuesday the 15th just after seven in the evening. »

Anglers vs. New Age Travellers

By Hugh MacArthur

(SVC) It appears that between 40 to 50 people of different nationalities have made an illegal encampment, albeit a temporary one, on one of Maro's beaches. »

Asociacion Amigos del Mar

By Mel O'Gorman

On 26th July there will be a special effort to clean up the cigarette butts on the beach in certain locations along the main beach. »

Brit Saved on Nerja Beach

By Hugh MacArthur

A British woman was rescued from drowning on a Nerja beach, thanks to the prompt action of two key beach-going visitors: a policeman and a lifeguard. »

La Herradura Drugs Landing

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Policía Local managed to thwart a drugs landing on La Herradura beach in the early hours of Monday the 30th. »

Large Shark Washed Up

By Hugh MacArthur

One thing is stumbling across a washed up dolphin, and quite another is bumping into a shark nearly four metres long, even if it is dead. »