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Rambla Clearing Operations

By Vivienne Hughes

The Junta immersed is in a programme of cleaning up the ramblas and riverbeds within the municipalities of Jete, Salobreña and Almuñécar. »

Work Concluded Near Chinasol

By Hugh MacArthur

(KAR09) If you have been past the Chinasol building on San Cristóbal in Almuñécar you will have seen that they have been busy where the barranco ends. »

Monte Almendros Accident

By Martin Myall

(ESP07) A British woman of about 70 was injured after her car left the road on Wednesday within Urbanización Monte de los Almendros in Salobreña, around 18.00h. »

Cow Charges Hikers

By Martin Myall

Two hikers were injured after a cow charged them yesterday in the municipality of Lugros (near Guadix). As a result of the impact, one of them fell down a barranco. »

Almuñécar Paragliding Death

By Vivienne Hughes

There is still very little information but what we do know is that a paragliding pilot died as a result of an accident yesterday afternoon in Almuñécar. »

Death in Los Guájares

By Vivienne Hughes

A 54-year-old man in Los Guájares died this weekend after falling out of a tree and down a barranco. »

Rambla Clearing Before Rains

By Vivienne Hughes

The Junta has finally put into motion the clearing of overgrown riverbeds and gullies on the Costa Tropical in preparation for the end-of-summer rains. »

Salobreña Barranco Clearing

By Vivienne Hughes

Salobreña has been clearing its riverbed and barrancos of vegetation, too, because summers & early autumns are propense to sudden downpours in this Andalusian climate. »

Family Dies in Flash Flood

By Vivienne Hughes

The emergency services in Extremadura have located the bodies of four victims in a canyoneering accident, all for are of the same family. »

Lentegí Infoca Accident

By Martin Myall

An Infoca worker lost his life when his vehicle left the track on a hillside and plummeted down a gully yesterday. The accident occurred in above lentegí in an area known as the Cebailla. »

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