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Saved by Whatsapp

By Hugh MacArthur

The provincial law courts in Granada have sentenced a woman to returning all that her boyfriend spent on her during their relationship. »

Death Wish Driver Released

By Martin Myall

A driver, who had been speeding the wrong way down an autovía before ploughing into a police roadblock last year, has had his court sentence overturned. »

Four Wives & 30 Kids

By Hugh MacArthur

When Social Services turned up in El Marchal to take 11 of a man's 30 children into care... they needed a heavy police escort. »

Groping on the Bus

By Hugh MacArthur

A male, bus passenger on the Almería-Madrid run was arrested by the Guardia Civil for allegedly groping a woman next to him whilst she slept. »

Forest Track Booby Trap

By Hugh MacArthur

Scrambling bikes noisly riding through the countryside can be annoying, but one thing is being annoyed by them and another is trying to kill them. »

Violent Elderly Shepherd

By Martin Myall

An 88-year-old shepherd will appear in court on the 9th of May, accused of attempted murder after braining another man with a shovel. »

Son Breaks Father’s Leg

By Hugh MacArthur

An adult son is looking at 33 months in jail for having deliberately broken his aged father's leg by jumping on it. »

Tortured by Burglars

By Vivienne Hughes

The Guardia Civil are looking for two individuals who broke into a house and tortured the elderly couple to find out where they kept their valuables. »

Cow Charges Hikers

By Martin Myall

Two hikers were injured after a cow charged them yesterday in the municipality of Lugros (near Guadix). As a result of the impact, one of them fell down a barranco. »

Mayor Tested Positive for Drugs

By Martin Myall

The Mayor of Huélago was gave a positive reading for drugs after being involved in a car accident which resulted in two people being injured. »

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