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Playmobile Nativity Scene

By Louise Powell

(COH04) Whilst other towns are putting on living nativity scenes, Órgiva has come up with one entirely made out of Playmobile pieces - how original is that? »

Grub up in the Alpujarra!

By Hugh MacArthur

Órgiva is the place to be if you're hungry over this mid-December break because until Sunday the 10th there's the Jornadas Gastronómicas Pura Alpujarra. »

Bungee Jumping Death Trial

By Martin Myall

(COE03) According to court findings, the death of the young Englishwoman, Kleyo, in July, 2015, could have been avoided had there been a second monitor at hand. »

Double Choir Concert Dates

By Anne Eastwood

Entre dos Aguas is the title that’s been given to two special choir concerts; the first on the 27th of this month in Órgiva and the second, the following day, in Almuñécar on the 28th. »

Pampaneira Fair This Weekend

By Louise Powell

Fancy a trip up to the Alpujarra? It will be worth it because up to Sunday the 15th of October Pampaneira will be holding its its annual fair. »

Choir Dates

By Anne Eastwood

Entre dos Aguas is the title that’s been given to a special concert that will combine the talents of both the Choir of the City of Almuñécar and the German Choir, O de Cologne, as directed by Thomas Wutke. »

New Walking Season Begins

By Vivienne Hughes

The Almuñécar Municipal Sports Board announced that the 2017/18 Walking Tours have restarted and for those interested to get their names down. »

The Soportújar Witch Festival

By Hugh MacArthur

Soportújar now has a new monument that will probably scare your socks off; it’s at the entrance to the village in front of the Fuente de San Antonio. »

Alpujarra Jazz & Blues

By Louise Powell

The beginning of August will see the annual Jazz & Blues Festival in Busquístar, in the Alpujarra: the 3rd, 4th and 5th. »

Heart Attack in Lanjarón

By Vivienne Hughes

A 65-year-old woman died in the municipal swimming pool in Lanjarón from a heart attack - he had had a history of heart problems. »