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Almuñécar Paragliding Death

By Vivienne Hughes

There is still very little information but what we do know is that a paragliding pilot died as a result of an accident yesterday afternoon in Almuñécar. »

Football Derby Controversy

By David Darby

(JOA) The first ever El Clasico del Almunecar was abandoned after 65 minutes on Saturday night. I have been fortunate enough to report on many football matches in my time as a football writer, but this game can only be classed as unique. »

Almuñécar Art Exhibition

By Louise Powell

There is a collective arts exhibition running until Saturday the 21st of this month at the Almuñécar Casa de la Cultura. »

Rancho Río Verde News

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Town Hall has begun the paperwork for the eventual retarmacking of the Camino/Calle Rancho Río Verde. »

Aggression in Plaza de Madrid

By Hugh MacArthur

An Almuñécar man is facing a 4.5-year sentence for beating up another man back in June 2013. »

Pirates of the Caribbean V

By Maria Hehir

Almuñécar's next film in English (with subtitles in Spanish) will be Pirates of the Caribbean 5. Dead Men Tell No Tales. »

Posh Porsches Parade

By Martin Myall

The IV Meeting Porsche Classic Granada 2017, took place in Almuñécar yesterday, Sunday the 8th, with around 50 classic Porsches participating. »

Almuñécar Brick Take-Off

By Vivienne Hughes

The building sector in Almuñécar is starting to wake up from a decade of slumber, thanks to urban development in Taramay and other areas of the municipality. »

Film in English: Blade Runner 2049

By Maria Hehir

The next film in English in Almuñécar (with subtitles in Spanish) will be the newly released, hot-off-the-press, science-fiction blockbuster Blade Runner 2049. »

Porsche Car Meet

By Hugh MacArthur

(L10/KAR) This coming Sunday will see over 50 Porches gather in Almuñécar in what will be a very classy car meet. »