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Mountain Fire Molvizar

By Martin Myall

There is scant information available but there is a fire somewhere between Ítrabo and Móvizar, plainly visible from Motril, Salobreña and Otívar - where I am. »

Galicia Burns

By Martin Myall

Galicia has always been synonymous with lush, green countryside and rolling forests but a combination of arsonists and a bludgeoning drought is turning swathes of the region into wasteland. »

Guajares Fire Extinguished

By Hugh MacArthur

The fire in the Los Guajares was declared ‘extinguished' by infoca on Monday the 11th around 12.00h. »

A Sea Rescue Easter

By Vivienne Hughes

Salvamento Marítimo rescued 52 people, 11 of whom were women, all cramped into a zodiac-type dingy 36 miles of the coast of Granada on Good Friday. It was to be a busy Easter weekend. »

Small Alpujarra Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

It's not only the weather that gives the sensation of the summer lingering, because this lack of rain is also prolonging the fire season. »

Lújar Burns Again

By Hugh MacArthur

A fire was declared in the municipality of Lújar (Behind Motril) today at 16.12h - it was only last year that Lújar suffered a devastating forest fire. »

The Alpujarra Crafty Crop

By Martin Myall

Guardia Civil units deployed in La Alpujarra have carried out 21 raids so far this year and confiscated 1,200 cannabis sativa plants. »

Lanjarón Blaze

By Vanessa Bosch

On Thursday the 4th, the day before the Rio Seco Alto fire, a hillside not far from Lanjarón went up in flames. »

Mountain Fire in Cañar

By Vivienne Hughes

A huge catastrophe was narrowly avoided by the prompt action of the Infoca, fire fighters in Cañar, in the Alpujarra on the 2nd. As is the case in far too many forest or mountain brush fires, it appears that the fire was deliberately started. »

Plane Madness

By David Darby

Having been on both ends of the screaming toddler on plane problem, this next story is difficult to believe, from either standpoint. Joe Rickey Hundley, a 60-year-old man from Idaho, decided he had had enough of the distressed 2-year-old and decided to ask the mother to quieten the infant down, however, his alleged choice of... »

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