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Woman’s Fall & Car Crash

By Vivienne Hughes

A woman in Motril fell from a 2nd-floor balcony on Monday from her flat on calle Millán which is near Cuatro Esquinas and Calle Las Cañas. »

Reader’s Letter: Tunnel Speed

By Gazette Reader

The Tunel del Marchante, which has a sign warning of 'speed control', has a speed limit of 80 in the first half and 100 in the second... »

Salobreña’s Paseo Completed

By Martin Myall

TVI03) The Salobreña PP, who were in power before the socialists there, have inspected the seafront paseo, accompanied by the national MP, Carlos Rojas. »

A-7 Further Delayed

By Martin Myall

(COE06) The repair work on the A-7 between Calahonda and Castell de Ferro has been further delayed meaning that it will take two more months to completely reopen. »

Junta Ignores Almuñécar?

By Martin Myall

(TES) Almuñécar isn’t a happy bunny over the riverbed clearing operations because, they consider, the Junta has been ignoring them. »

Dubious Timing

By Hugh MacArthur

This week the work to repair the defects on the A-7 between Carchuna and Castell will commence, right at the height of summer when the autovia is at its busiest. »

Ambulance in Road Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

An ambulance was involved in a collision in Torrox around 07.40h on the 5th at the entrance to a tunnel on the eastbound lanes of the A-7. »

The A-7 Muddle

By Martin Myall

Politicians were invented to make paper shuffling as complicated and drawn out as possible - and we pay them to do it. »

A-7 Drink Driving

By Hugh MacArthur

The Almuñécar Policía Local arrested a driver on the A-7 where it passes through the municipality, who had been drink driving the wrong way along the autovia. »

A-7 Bureacractic Standstill

By Martin Myall

The subsidence on the Carchuna-Castell section of the A-7 coastal autovia remains untouched, three months after emergency work was announced. »

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