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Salobreña Handmade Car Meet

By Louise Powell

The UK car club, Panther, will be putting some of its vehicles on display in Salobreña today on Plaza Juan Carlos I. »

Salobreña Pet Deaths

By Vivienne Hughes

The Ciudadanos political party in Salobreña has expressed its concern over the deaths of several pets around town within a short space of time. »

Salobreña Bickering

By Martin Myall

After the PP Salobreña opposition party's gripe about the town's sports facility, the Sports Councillor has scathingly responded. »

Salobreña Peñon Clean Up

By Hugh MacArthur

Thanks to a group of American student volunteers, Salobreña's Peñon is looking a lot less litter cluttered - try saying that after a jar or two. »

Salobreña Escape Room

By Vivienne Hughes

The Youth Department at the Salobreña Town Hall, together with the Asociación Juvenil Phoenix, has organised an Escape-Room event. »

Salobreña Bus Station

By Hugh MacArthur

Fresh from denouncing the 'cannibalising' of a municipal ambulance, the PP opposition leader in Salobreña has turned his criticism to the bus stop. »

Salobreña Police Problems

By Hugh MacArthur

Fifteen municipal policemen in Salobreña, representing 80% of the total, have denounced a lack of safe working conditions. »

Durcal, Órgiva Salobreña Bust

By Hugh MacArthur

Fifteen people were arrested after being netted in the police anti-drugs-&-money-laundering operation, Cartusian, one of whom was from Salobreña. »

Salobreña Gets off Lightly

By Martin Myall

Surprisingly, given the recent flooding in the municipality, of the three coastal towns, Salobreña was least affected by Saturday night's storm. »

Salobreña Flooding Aftermath

By Vivienne Hughes

(COH11) The Mayor of Salobreña, María Eugenia Rufino, has given an estimate for the recent flood damage; some 105,000 euros. »

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