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Salobreña Mechanic Robbed

By David Darby

The Guardia Civil has arrested a 25-year-old man and also identified another 36-year-old who allegedly attacked and robbed a mechanic from Salobreña, who they had called to fix their car. »

Salobreña Plusvalía News

By Vivienne Hughes

The Salobreña Town Council approved its plan to avoid a large increase in the Plusvalía tax after the 60% deduction disappears next year. »

Salobreña Police Disgruntled

By Hugh MacArthur

There has long been a problem between the Salobreña Policia Local and whoever is in power; be it the PP or be it the PSOE. The police are not happy bunnies. »

Salobreña Flat Fire

By Vivienne Hughes

Around 30 people were temporarily evacuated from their homes in Salobreña as a precautionary measure owing to a fire in a flat. »

Dolphins off Salobreña

By Vivienne Hughes

You know that you're living somewhere special when you see dolphins swimming just off your beach: here's a video from Salobreña. »

Salobreña’s Summer Ordeal

By Martin Myall

The trails of scum that are making regular appearances off Salobreña beach are creating a headache for the Mayor and other authorities. »

Salobreña TH1 Vandalism

By Hugh MacArthur

The new structures on the beach in Salobreña between El Peñon and La Guardia have only been accessible for a month - yet already they have been vandalised. »

Salobreña Guided Night Tours

By Vivienne Hughes

With the aim of promoting tourism in Salobreña, they will be organising guided, night tours of some of the most emblematic parts of town. »

Salobreña Beer Festival

By Martin Myall

On the night of the 28th of July you will be able to sample some fine beers down in the La Fuente II in Salobreña. »

Salobreña Blue Zones in Use

By Vivienne Hughes

(SVA01) As has been the case for the last four summers, the Blue Zones on the seafront road and part of Avenida del Mediterráneo have been activated. »

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