Motril’s Citizen Night Patrols

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By Vivienne Hughes

MOT Street VigilantesIt’s all over social media as well as on the national TV news: Motril locals have mounted their own street patrols during weekend early hours.

Three women, Ana, Sonia and Mercedes, were out Saturday night/Sunday morning on their first patrol, but they are far from alone as there will be at least ten vigilantes in two cars, once it gets organised properly

We’re talking about people who do a full day’s work and then, for no personal gain, dedicate their time to making the streets just a bit safer, and they do it by driving around town in cars and if they see anything dodgy, phone the Policía Local.

These volunteers aren’t armed, trained in martial arts or have super powers, so they will not try to intervene, but hope by merely their presence it will deter the shadier elements of Motril’s population, or at least to make them think twice.

Their main objective, however, is to prod; shame even, the Town Hall into providing more security during the night hours.

Ana Rubia, who started the project via a Facebook page is tired; they all are, of a litany of break-ins; her business has been targeted four times in four years, for instance.

But it doesn’t stop with their night patrols because they want to expand the initiative to included self-defence courses, for example. They’re even looking for a premises in which to base themselves.

And the Facebook account is booming because they have nearly 1,900 subscribers.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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One Response to “Motril’s Citizen Night Patrols”

  1. John Dymond

    This is a great idea and a step forward toward assisting in the stopping of street crime.Motril was always a quiet crime free city, but like all things times change. Well done these drake people, stay safe never intervene.


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