La Herradura Fiestas 2019

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
By Martin Myall

LHR Fiestas 02La Herradura is preparing for its fiesta week of San Jose, which kicks off this coming Friday on the 15th and runs until Tuesday the 19th.

Casetas for the Fería de Día are going up, which means that traffic flow will be altered, for Calle Eucalipto, where they will be situated. The official caseta for the fiestas for evening/night events will be on the Plaza Independencia.

As for the fairground attractions, they will be along Calle Eucalipto and Calle Barranquillo.

Here is a summary of the main events:

Friday, 13:30h. the IV Exposición de Fotografías Mi Tierra opens in the Mercado Municipal.
17:00h. Kiddies activities in the Centro Cívico square with the collaboration of the Asociación de Vecinos Rambla del Espinar.
21:15h. The fiesta lights are switched on.
21:30h. Party time begins with the knees-up band striking up at 00.30h.

Saturday will see the I Regata Icom Marina, as well as the first day of the Freestyle Show between 11.00h and 13.00h in the castle.

13:00h. The Fería de Día starts… and we won’t go into what a stab in the back this is for local businesses who pay their municipal taxes all year round. Wait… we just did!
17:00h. Puppet show for kiddies in the Centro Cívico
17:30h. Farting around with horses on the beach more or less in front of the castle and then lots of other activities including a table-tennis competition up in Las Palomas and dancing in the Plaza de la Independencia right up to 23.00h when the dance band smites the townsfolk with more merciless decibels.

Sunday sees the second and final day of the Freestyle Show between 11.00h and 13.00h, competing on the time front (11.00h) with an aero-modelling show by FunFly RC Costa Tropical. This event will be held on the beach again. and hopefully there will be no midair collisions between bike riders and model aircraft.

Sunday is also the second day of the Padel competition in Las Palomas. Then at 12.30h whole families will take to their bicycles, leaving Plaza de la Independencia, as if cyclists weren’t annoying enough during the rest of the year… Oh, and you should put your name down for it via

Then at 17:30h. the Policía Local de Almuñécar and Granada, as well as other police forces will be putting on a police dog display, ranging from wrestling suspiciously padded-out villains to the ground to dogs doing obstacle courses. There will also be a sniffer-dog display so you had better keep your crazy talc and wobbly weed at home, to be on the safe side.

Then, inevitably, at 23:00h. the village dance band will assault your senses until you pass out some time in the early hours.

Monday, for those who are still interested, has a giant heads parade starting at 15.45h leaving the Centro Cívico and hopefully never to be seen again.

At 22:00h there will be a firework display followed by the village dance-band villains at 23.00h.

Right, the last day! Tuesday the 19th. A fit of annoying bell ringing kicks off the day at 09.00h, so that you can fully enjoy your hangover.

For the religiously minded amongst you, there is the church service at noon followed by a brass-band concert in the Plaza de San José, provided by the Banda Municipal de Almuñécar.

Then at 14:30h. there’s the Paella Popular in the Caseta Oficial de fiestas followed at 20:00h by the Solemne Procesión en Honor a nuestro Patrón San José, leaving the church for C/ Canalejas; Las Flores; C/ Real; C/ Acera del Pilar; Paseo Andrés Segovia, Calle Eucalipto; C/ Alhambra; C/ Barranquillo and then back to the church.

At 23:00h. there’s a concert by two blokes that you will never have heard of but are popular in Andalucia and they are Andy & Lucas. It’s free so stop your infernal whining because you can’t have the Rolling Stones every year. Mick and Keith said “never again!” so that’s the end of that.

Finally, at one in the morning, the fiestas are over, as is this article…

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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