Beware of Receipt Slips

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
By Vivienne Hughes

GRA Dodgy TicketsThe Chairwoman for the EU Agricultural Commission, Clara Aguilera, has expressed her concern over chemicals used in shopping-receipt slips.

According to international research, led by the University of Granada, these thermal-printer receipts contain Bisphenol A (BPA) which has well known endocrine-disrupting effects in human and animal. These phenols are especially harmful for pregnant women.

BPA is a xenoestrogen, exhibiting oestrogen-mimicking, hormone-like properties that raise concern over its suitability in some consumer products and food containers. In fact, the EU and Canada have banned BPA use in baby bottles

So, how does this chemical end up in your purchase receipts at supermarkets and gasoline stations, for example? BPA is used as a coating on thermal-paper receipts to act as a developer so that text can appear when heated, without using ink.

Not all of those paper slips use BPA… just a whopping 93% of paper receipts do. Sometimes they are coated with  BPS, which is nearly just as bad.

Editorial comment: of course, with the European Elections coming up in May, it’s a great time for EMPs to make a name for themselves bringing up matters like this, but that does not mean that  she doesn’t have a valid point.

(News: Granada University, Granada, Andalucia)

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